Where to Find Best Ukulele Products for Children Under 12

Unless you go all out and buy your child a complete ukulele package with the instrument and useful accessories in it, chances are you will soon be shopping for additional products that make playing, carrying and storing the uke either better, safer, or easier.

So what could these extras include and where are the best places to find them?

Standard ukulele products

It’s worth noting that many ukulele accessories/products are suitable for both adults and children to use, as they are designed to fit soprano ukes, which is the most popular type across the age brackets. The exceptions to this will be highlighted here.

A strong or hard carry case

Older children who are likely to take their ukulele away from home or travel with it will benefit from a sturdier case rather than a carry bag. Amazon has a good range at decent prices (around $30), while bags with patterned designs can also be found online, on sites like Etsy.

A stand

Young children may not remember to store their uke properly so a stand helps to keep it safe when not in immediate use. The cheapest cost only $10-25 from Amazon, a worthwhile investment if it avoids a damaged uke.

A tuner

Older children will find it easier to tune their uke as and when needed with a clip-on tuner, and younger kids will soon pick it up. Look in specialist music stores or on large marketplace sites like Amazon, where they cost around ten dollars.

A strap

This is a ukulele buy that is both practical and fun. Full and half straps are a great way of avoiding dropped ukes, and they make it easier to play the instrument too. Look for either an adjustable strap if it is designed for anyone to use, or focus on the hundreds of options for buying a specially designed child’s ukulele strap.

These are available from Amazon and eBay, as well as crafty sites like Etsy and of course from some music shops. They have designs which appeal to children, featuring popular cartoon, film or TV characters, bright colors and fun patterns.

There are also opportunities on Etsy and other specialized craft sites to buy personalized and even customized uke straps for children.

And of course there are dedicated websites that sell these types of Ukulele’s – Check out these ukulele for kids.


Although not strictly necessary to play a uke, picks make it easier to produce different sounds, and children usually like using them, and anything that encourages practice is a good thing.  Look on Amazon for picks with interesting textures, such as felt, or those in bright colors, a bargain at just a few dollars.

So the easiest way to get pretty much any children’s ukulele product or accessory is online, from a site like Amazon, but if you have the time, or prefer to support independent retailers, it’s worth looking at what is available in local music shops, or other sites online.

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