Who do you require professional window tinting?

Window tints were introduced decades ago by manufacturers to use in the automobile industry. The primary films were not so efficient and later on, people started using tinted paint to spray the windows which not only looked awkward, but had a very low durability too. The most common application is window tint film for cars. Nowadays, the window tinting business has been through many changes and evolved into a more sophisticated application and product range. Window tinting is not only limited to cars but also used in residential and commercial properties.


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The benefits of automotive tinting

There are various window tints available in the market but you should insist on buying only reputed film manufacturers like 3M, Suntek window films and many more.Auto tinting Woodbridge is the place you want to visit for all your window tinting requirements. Professional window films are offering a lifetime warranty for fading or other manufacturing defects. Now you no longer need to be fooled by spurious products and get cheated by shops claiming false warranties. Auto tints are available in many types like dyed tints, carbon tints, metal tints or a combination of two. Apart from the quality, tints are also available in various transparency levels for different needs.

  • Carbon tints have a dyed composition to provide superior looks and have non-fading property. It does not have any metal construction that might cause static or interference with communication devices like cell phones, navigation systems or radio devices. Glare is problem faced by non-tinted car users and carbon tints provide just the right optical clarity and reducing glare, be it day or night.
  • Metal tints are manufactured with refined metals that do not hamper the wireless communication systems. Apart from providing less reflection, they are ideal for optical clarity. Lifetime fading warranty is applicable across all tint types.
  • Dyed window tints are offered as simply dyed or a combination of dyed-metal tints. They are available in basic colors like blue, charcoal and bronze. They too provide optical clarity and make your car windows look appealing and sometimes, match with the paint of your car.

Why choose automotive tints?

The protection offered by car window tints is superior compared to cars without tint. The two best features offered are superior UV rejection that’s harmful to the occupants of the car and providing radiation rejection that causes various skin diseases with prolonged exposure. Interiors of the car are easily faded and leather upholstery gets damaged with sunlight on cars without tint. Tinting offers heat rejection and offers insulation to a car which benefits the car by maintaining like new interiors for the car. With insulation and heat rejection, tinted cars rely less on the heating system in colder regions and the air conditioning in warmer locations.

Window tint films for cars are controlled by regulatory authorities of all countries and one has to follow these regulations. Some counties allow darker tints while some only allow factory installed tinted glasses, barring the use of window tints. This is done in order to help the authorities in areas affected by crime rates. For example, non-tinted cars help the police identify a person in distress or perhaps a known criminal trying to escape in a car. Another advantage of having your car tinted is that it adds to your privacy. A limousine or professional security cars use blackout tints in their vehicles to protect the privacy of the occupants especially when used for celebrities, government officials or businessmen.

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In event of an accident, car tints offer resistance to the widow glasses being shattered and causing injury to the car driver or passengers. Security window tints are a breakthrough and provide more durability compared to conventional window tints. In even of an attempted theft, the intruder usually breaks the glass and steals the visible belongings like purses, laptops or cell phones. A security film applied car will discourage such attempts as they are very difficult to get through by simply doing a smash and grab act.

The advantages of window tinting are more or less same for buildings but vary in the application process, the construction properties and the range available. Contact to view the product range.

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