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Who Is Responsible For Car Accidents At Work?
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Who Is Responsible For Car Accidents At Work?

When it comes to work-related car accidents, you may not realize that according to US statistics, workplace vehicle accidents caused the most work-related fatalities in 2016. This is a whopping 40 percent of all occupational deaths, as around 2,083 involved vehicles driven in workplace environments. When accidents are not fatal, victims will often be overwhelmed with feelings of trauma, stress, and not knowing who to blame. This is why it can be important to know who is responsible for these types of accidents at work – and then take steps to begin making things better.

Who Is To Blame For A Workplace Accident Involving Vehicles?

Just because a vehicle accident has taken place in a workplace environment, doesn’t necessarily mean that the employer is responsible for it. Every case has to be thoroughly analyzed by a competent lawyer with experience in the field. Even if it would seem that a given situation qualifies as a workplace accident, it has to be established beyond any doubt, as this will determine whether or not your case will stand in court. To get a better understanding of the case and any liability, contact an Orange County personal injury lawyer, as they’ll be able to identify who is to blame and then consider taking out a case against them, if possible.

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Types Of Workplace Vehicle Accidents And Identifying Liability

There are several ways that a workplace accident can occur within a vehicle, whether you are driving your own or a company model, and can include single accidents, collisions with other drivers (who may also have a personal or work vehicle), and even instances where either yourself or a bystander are hit by vehicles in the workplace or by a company car or similar.

Each of these will qualify and there will be different ways for a personal injury lawyer to identify who will be liable for any reparations due to injury (or even the eligible parties for restitution in the worst-case scenario). This could end up falling to the employer depending on the circumstances, as the driver won’t always be at fault. There will be a lot of nuances involved that only a specialist will be able to define and determine, so be mindful not to pursue a claim without professional advice and assistance on your side.

What To Do Before A Claim?

If a person feels that they have a claim against their employer, a good idea would be to contact a lawyer and see if they think that a case is possible. It’s always best to do this privately, as the workplace can become uncomfortable if they hear about a claim before it has been put through. For a better idea of who may be liable for a case, always get in touch with a reliable and reputable law firm before going any further. Not only will they be able to evaluate the potential for a successful case – they will likely be happy to take it on as well.

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