Who’s Driving The Agenda In 2020?

On the 12th December 2019, the people of the United Kingdom will head to their nearest polling station and cast their vote on the party they’d like to run the country. There have been three elections in the last five years in the UK, despite general elections only usually taking place twice in a decade. This election is therefore being hailed by some as the most divisive and significant in a generation, with policies on issues such as Brexit, climate change and the national health service being wildly different party-to-party.

Main Political Parties’ Stance

As one of the UK’s leading car finance companies, Creditplus thought it was pertinent to detail the main political parties’ stance on a variety of transport types. From the rail system, buses, cycling and, obviously, cars. 

One of the common themes throughout each manifesto is electric cars, which have seen a surge in sales throughout 2019. With climate change being one of reasons for the increase in popularity, most of the parties have plenty to say about increasing adoption. From setting a deadline for banning petrol and diesel new car sales, to slashing VAT on EV’s, there’s a policy that might resonate with you.

Transport Matters

But no matter which mode of transport matters to you most, this handy infographic will help you get informed. There are also policies surrounding general infrastructure projects, such as a “Crossrail for the North” and a £25 billion investment in key roads.

The data has been collected, collated and designed carefully using the party’s manifestos in order to remain impartial. The political parties have been sorted using a recent poll average from the BBC. All sources are available at www.creditplus.co.uk/newsroom/transport-manifesto-2019.

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