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Why A Car Wax Is Beneficial For Your Car Long Term

To ensure that your car stays in top condition for many years, regular maintenance is highly recommended. Part of taking care of your car is waxing it. Others tend to neglect doing this chore, but it’s quite important to do so. Here’s why car wax will work wonders for your car in the long run.

Your car looks much better physically and will attract more attention

Wax can greatly increase the car’s shine due to the wax’s polishing effect. On a microscopic level, the wax fills in the gaps and ridges of the clear coat, especially for older vehicles. Also, applying wax and following it up with buffing can remove small particles that have clung onto the car’s surface. This makes the whole car surface smoother.  

In addition, you avoid the appearance of watermarks on your car when you apply car wax on it regularly. Due to its hydrophobic nature, wax prevents water molecules from staying on the paint and drying up.

Car wax can also hide tiny and light scratches by masking the uneven finish. The overall shine of your vehicle can make small scratches less visible. If you want to purchase the best brand of car wax, Driving Geeks can recommend the best products for you.

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The car wax can be useful in protecting your vehicle’s factory clear coat and can serve as a barrier against certain elements.

Modern vehicles have a layer of clear coat applied to them during assembly. This clear coat protects the paint from most elements. However, this coat is just a very thin layer and can be eroded after the car has been in use for years. Wax can protect the vehicle’s factory clear coat. Moreover, this additional barrier can protect your car against the following risks to its paint:

Air pollution

Elements being deposited onto your car due to its exposure to heavy pollution can damage the vehicle’s paint if it’s not cleaned periodically. Heavy dust particles and soot can introduce microscopic scratches on the paint. These scratches might eventually remove the clear coat and then damage the actual paint after continuous exposure.


In heavily polluted areas, the rainfall usually contains lots of chemicals absorbed from car emissions and water contaminants. Commonly known as acid rain, this is very harmful to car paint. Repeated exposure of cars to acid rain can erode the clear coat and top coat, which will noticeably degrade the car’s appearance.

Periodic application of car wax will protect the paint from exposure to these chemicals. Rainwater will also not stay on the surface of vehicles and will slide off more easily and naturally.  

UV damage from sunlight

UV rays can aggressively break down a car’s factory clear coat, which will expose the paint’s top coat. If the top coat is exposed to direct sunlight, it won’t survive months of sun exposure. The top coat will quickly fade and deteriorate, resulting in uneven color and even complete removal of the car paint.

Modern car waxes have UV protection similar to that found in sunblock. This protective layer will prevent sun exposure from damaging the car’s paint. Instead of having the paint damaged, the wax breaks down to absorb the UV rays. Reapply the wax on a monthly basis to ensure that your vehicle’s paint stays protected.


Road debris, such as small rocks and sand particles, are also huge contributors to paint damage. It is similar to slowly sandblasting the car’s surface, which will gradually chip off the clear coat and top coat.

Applying car wax on the paint surface will prevent sand from scratching the paint, and will also prevent small particles from sticking onto the surface.   


Drivers who frequent highways near forests and farms are familiar with having bugs stick onto their cars’ paint surface. These insects that get stuck on the paint are usually very difficult to remove and can take some of the top coat with them when removed.

Having a thin layer of car wax will make the surface more slippery, making it harder for insects to stick to the vehicle. Moreover, it would be much easier to clean out insects if there’s a protective layer of wax on the car’s surface.

Regular waxing will contribute to less repairs and maintenance work for your car

For long-term ownership of a car, periodic application of wax can lessen the need for repainting and detailing. The car will likewise need fewer car washes, as it can stay clean longer when it’s protected by wax.

More importantly, a car that’s taken care of with periodic waxing retains its value even if it’s a few years old already. A car with its original paint in good condition can usually be sold at better rates in the second-hand market.


As a car owner, you surely want your vehicle to stay good as new over the next few years. Aside from the routine maintenance checks every six months or annually, you can do your part by waxing your car regularly to keep its surface protected from the damaging effects of wear and tear, and to keep it looking brand-new.

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