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Why Chinese Dirt Bikes Are Budget-Friendly

Chinese dirt bikes are about to revolutionize the dirt bike industry through their decent and economical price range. No doubt a branded dirt bike is always a preferred choice for most motorbike enthusiasts. But grabbing one Japanese branded dirt bike may not be the piece of meat for most casual riders.

What’s the solution?

Well, Chinese dirt bikes are here to bring forth the ideal support.

Across the whole of America, Chinese motorbike brands are everywhere. It is always hard to ignore brands like SSR pit bike, Apollo, Razor, Tao Tao, and many more.

A great thing about these Chinese motorbike manufacturers is that they all are economical and budget-friendly to give all disciplines of riders the opportunity to have them without facing any troubles.

But have you ever asked yourself why they are so cheap? If not, let us find out some of the authentic reasons on behalf of you.

Why Chinese Dirt Bikes Are Economical/Cheap/Budget-Friendly?

Chinese Dirt Bikes Get A Better Sell

The number one reason Chinese motorbikes are affordable is that people buy them in large numbers. When the number of selling quantities increases, the price of that particular product tends to drop to an affordable level. The initial cost of most products tends to remain high. But when the product starts to evaporate the whole market, the price always tends to reach the level of the consumers’ capacities.

Manufacturing Capacity

When an individual unit of a Ford takes almost 20 hours to be built, it is always possible to deliver around 1000 units of Chinese dirt bikes within 20 hours.

This larger manufacturing capacity of every Chinese manufacturer allows them to ask for a lower price range. When you can deliver more within the shortest possible time, getting the preferred profit becomes much easier.

Not everyone can afford to buy a ford, but almost everyone can always afford to buy a Chinese dirt bike without facing any hard trouble.

Quality Matters

The next thing that determines the pricing of a Chinese branded motorbike is the quality. We are not saying that Chinese dirt bikes lack quality. But they are also not the same as a branded Japanese dirt bike.

You never know whether you will be able to ride a Chinese dirt bike for up to 1 year or not, but a branded dirt bike is always bound to give you a long-time service.


We have also found some real instances where a Chinese dirt bike delivered an almost equivalent performance to a branded bike. It depends on your merit of picking up the appropriate model. If you can ensure proper maintenance, you can also expect to get better service from a Chinese dirt bike as well.

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A drawback of going with a Chinese motorbike is that they will not deliver the essential support with most of their products. Therefore, you will hardly be able to ask for the solutions in case you find any complications with the bike.

On the other hand, a branded dirt bike will always deliver satisfactory customer support for any complications.

You can expect to get around 6 months of customer support from a Chinese motorbike, whereas a branded motorbike can deliver up to 2 years of customer service.

When the service is poor, the pricing will automatically go low.


A Chinese manufacturer tends to build all of the components of the bike on its own, whereas a branded manufacturer imports different parts to assemble the bike on its manufacturing plants.

The reliability of a branded manufacturer to other retailers makes them obdurate to enhance the total pricing of a particular unit.

A Chinese manufacturer is free of that export/import cost. As a result, they can charge much lower than a renowned brand.

Brand Value

An equivalent Yamaha and an Apollo dirt bike will never come with the same price range. It is the brand value that also influences the price range of a motorbike to a great extent.

The value that a Chinese branded dirt bike offers to the consumers is that they are affordable. On the other hand, a branded item may give you identity and fame along with quality.

Construction Material

The next thing that determines the pricing of a Chinese motorbike is the construction material. Most of the Chinese dirt bikes come with plastic fairings on a steel frame.

On the other hand, a branded motorbike may offer you enough versatility when it comes to the construction material.

Chinese Manufacturer Offers Motorbikes In Various Disciplines

The final reason you get to choose a Chinese motorbike at an affordable price range is that every Chinese brand offers various categories of motorbikes. Dirt bike, pit bike, pocket bike, electric bike, etcetera are all available from a particular Chinese branded manufacturer.

The availability of numerous categories also helps the manufacturer to reduce the price range to a great extent.

Are Chinese Dirt Bikes Worth The Money?

The final aspect that is worth discussing here is whether a Chinese branded dirt bike worth the money or not.

Well, Chinese branded dirt bikes are always worth the money. It is indeed true that you will get versatility from a branded dirt bike, but Chinese motorbikes are also versatile enough to give you a boost in most situations.

Here are some of the reasons why Chinese dirt bikes are worth the money:

  • Chinese dirt bikes offer proper customization.
  • They are available for all categories of riders.
  • The maintenance cost is always low.
  • Chinese dirt bikes offer easy upgrades.
  • They last long with proper maintenance.
  • Finally, they are affordable.

Final Summary

  1.  The large manufacturing capacity of every Chinese motorbike manufacturer is the ideal reason for the nominal price range.
  2. Quality always matters. We are not saying that Chinese dirt bikes are no good. But they obviously are not as good as a branded dirt bike.
  3. The better customization and upgradability of every Chinese motorbike always make them an ideal choice for most casual riders.
  4. If you are a casual rider, a Chinese motorbike should always remain on top of your priority list.

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