Why People Love to Hate Personalised Number Plates

Personalised number plates used to be called vanity plates for a reason. Just a couple of decades ago you couldn’t have private plates unless you were a celebrity or extremely wealthy, and those two terms usually go hand-in-hand together. Things have drastically changed nowadays, however. The cheapest private plates can be had for well under what you expect, making them extremely affordable for the general public. They’re not for everyone, but the audience they attract is growing by the day. But why do some people hate personalised number plates so much?

At all has to do with who used private plates in the beginning and the money involved. Even today you can pay a ridiculous amount of cash for the most unique plates if you’re really that serious about them. The most expensive plate, simply writing out ‘F1’, sold for £14.4 million, with most people thinking of it as a massive waste of money which could have been used otherwise. The truth is that apart from a few very expensive plates the majority of them currently on the road cost well under £1,000. When you consider how expensive aftermarket wheels or a full custom paint job/wrap is, they don’t look as expensive anymore.

Then you have the public perception of private numbers. They’re regularly used in films and TV series to hint that a character is an egomaniac that is desperate for attention or is perhaps a braggart. Although that statement does hold some truth, don’t we all want attention in one way or another? Look at the way we dress. None of us walk around in identical uniforms. We all pick out certain clothing we like, clothing which is supposed to express our character. Why should our cars be any different? Is a personalised number plate that much different to aftermarket wheels when it comes to making your car stand out? Not really.

Most people who buy expensive plates think of them as investments. And truth be told, they are investments. People will always buy private plates just like people will always buy Porsches and Ferraris. We all dream of owning a Lamborghini, no one dreams of owning a Ford Ka. Personalised number plates are an attainable way of adding some flavour to your vehicle, and should you make a wise purchase, they can be an excellent way of adding value to your car if you decide to sell it with the plates further down the road.

Personalised number plates are marmite products, you either love them or you hate them. We won’t change anyone’s opinion with this piece alone, but we hope you at least got some info as to why more and more people are choosing to take the private number plate route.

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