Why You Should Buy an Electric Car

Are you saving up for your next ride? Do you want to continue to save money even after you purchase your vehicle? As technology improves, electric cars are becoming more and more lucrative. Costs are constantly decreasing while charge duration continues to increase. Is an electric car right for you? Let’s find out.

  • Running an Electric Car is Cheaper

The most obvious benefit of using an electric car is not having to rely on constantly fluctuating gas prices. The cost of running your vehicle will more than pay for any difference in price at the time of purchase. An average driver saves almost $800 every year on fuel costs alone. You’ll save even more on maintenance.

Charging stations are also cropping up all over the country, making your charging experience fast and convenient. Almost all modern apartments and shopping centers have abundant charging stations.

  • Electric Cars are Easier to Maintain

Do you dread getting under your car every 5,000 miles for an oil change? How about dragging it into the shop, just for them to upsell you on services you’re unsure of? A typical gas vehicle has almost 100x more moving parts when compared to an electric vehicle, so maintenance is minimal.

You’ll never need to change your oil, replace spark plugs, or switch out your timing belt. This also makes your car less likely to break down as a result of part failure.

  • You’re Saving the Environment

Even if saving money is your primary reason for switching to electric, going green is an incredible side effect. Electric cars have literally zero emissions and do not contribute to air pollution. If you’ve been to other countries, you know how devastating an impact petrol and diesel cars can have on the level of smog and pollution.

You’re also cutting oil out of the equation, which can help other green energy sources by removing oil as the dominant energy source throughout the country. When you drive an electric car, you’re paving the way for green energy like wind and solar to take root.

  • The Driving Experience is Top-Notch

Have you ever listened to a noisy engine rumble across the highway? Wish you could tune it out? With an electric car, the engine is virtually silent. You’ll enjoy your music and your drive much more. When it comes to handling, an electric engine provides immediate torque for smooth, fast acceleration and deceleration.

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