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Why You Should Invest In A Ford Car

Ford is one of the most popular brands of car and has been the UK’s number one choice for over thirty years but just because it is a popular choice, does that mean it is right for you?

A regular topper of charts, models such as the Ford Focus and Fiesta tick all the boxes when it comes to things like reliability, affordability and innovation. It is not just a well-loved make of car but it has a reputation for excellence in providing outstanding chassis dynamics.

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This car is not just perfect for those with a family; Ford also makes products for some niche markets as well. There is a lot of Ford transit information about custom sport vans to be found directly online if you are looking to invest in something a little bit different. The brand has diversified in recent years to manufacture MPV’s such as the S-Max and crossover SUV 4×4’s like the Edge and Ecosport.

Costs to Consider

In terms of affordability, Ford sits firmly in the middle of the market. It often sets the standard that other car makers follow, so whilst it is not part of the top-end car club, it is certainly not a bargain basement either. To buy brand new, the Ford KA+ comes in at around £10,000 and is the cheapest model in Fords range.

Some of the bigger Ford models such as the Focus come in at around £20,000, however, whether you are buying the car brand new or second hand, remember to haggle with your local Ford dealer to get the best price. The second-hand market is huge in the UK for Ford models and so if you are diligent in your search and have a good negotiation technique then you can pick up a used Ford car for a very reasonable price.

The Range

Ford is a great all-round brand that really does suit the majority of drivers, offering a number of fantastic and innovative in-car technologies.

We are going to take a look at three of the most popular Ford makes in the UK; the KA+, the Fiesta and the Focus.

The KA+  

There are three KA+ models in the range; the studio, Zetec and Zetec colour edition. All are incredibly compact which is perfect for driving in the city and they are all very attractive, coming in a range of colours from Oxford white to Tuxedo Black.

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The KA+ range comes with a number of exclusive features that make it both responsive and agile on the roads. It comes with rear parking sensors which can make the manoeuvre less stressful, allowing you to easily judge the distance between the car and any objects around you. The car has a fantastic built-in audio warning system that will alert you if you get too close to anything.

This car is also extremely economical and comes with an adjustable speed limiter can help you save fuel and ultimately money.

The Fiesta

From Moondust Silver to Blue Wave, the Fiesta is a stylish option for those looking for exclusive features such as the blind spot information system and the lane keeping tool.

One of the particularly exciting features of the Fiesta is the traffic sign recognition system that will detect signs above and to the side of the road and display them on your interior monitor to help you to maintain the correct speed limit or to prevent overtaking in an area that doesn’t allow it.

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This model also features power-assisted steering and impressive night-driving aids to help you prevent dazzling other drivers in dim conditions.

The Focus

Ford has recently released the new Co-Pilot360 that boasts an impressively modern design with highly comfortable interiors and some brand new integrated technologies that will greatly improve the overall driving experience. It features a second generation active park assist as well as a new lane centring and responsive cruise control making this the most outstanding Focus range yet.

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Expect to see some advanced features such as the tyre pressure monitoring system, the LED daytime lamps and the 16” alloy wheels. You can even set your own driving preferences with the MyKey system that will allow you to set personal reminders for yourself such as speed limits and customise your audio settings.

Guaranteed Quality  

Whichever car in the Ford range that you decide to choose, you can be assured of quality ever time with the company taking the safety of their customers very seriously. Ford has been one of the biggest innovators in the industry for years and consistently comes out on top, with the Fiesta recently found to be the most commonly owned car in the UK. This demonstrates a clear consumer preference for this well-loved brand and with such ingenious technologies incorporated into every model, it is easy to see why.  

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  • Oliver Says

    I love Ford cars, they have come on leaps and bounds in recent years and are catching up with the German brands.

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