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Will Verstappen Retire Early?

Formula 1 racing driver Vax Verstappen recently hinted at an early retirement, saying he is ready to try other things.

The 25-year-old has won everything there is to win in F1 racing, and he topped the driver standings with team Red Bull Racing in 2022 with 454 points. The question being asked here is, will Verstappen retire early?

When Will Verstappen Retire If He Does Exit The Sport Early?

Max Verstappen’s current contract with team Red Bull Racing lasts until 2028, so the chances of him breaking his contract or retiring earlier than this are fairly slim.

How Likely Is It That Max Verstappen Will Win The F1 Championship Again In 2023?

The best way to find out how likely it is that Max Verstappen will win the 2023 F1 Championship with Red Bull Racing would be to check out the latest motorsports betting odds at today’s best online bookmakers, such as Unibet to cite just one example.

He is currently priced at 5/4 in UK fractional odds, which means that he is the odds-on favourite to win outright above Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), George Russel (Mercedes), and Sergio Perez (Red Bull Racing).

In European decimal odds, it’s equal to 2.25, and in American/moneyline odds, it’s 125. It also means that Verstappen has a 44.40% implied probability rate of winning.

Therefore, if you were to place a $/€/£100.00 wager right now on Verstappen to win the F1 Championship outright, your total returns would be $/€/£225/00 (which includes your $/€/£100.00 stake returned plus $/€/£125.00 profit).

How Are The Other Drivers Currently Priced?

Let’s now take a quick look at how some of the other drivers are currently priced:

  • Lewis Hamilton is currently priced at 3/1 (which is 4.00 in decimal odds and 300 in American/moneyline odds) with a 25.00% chance of winning
  • Charles Leclerc is currently priced at 7/2 (4.50, or 350), with a 22.20% chance of winning
  • George Russel is currently priced at 7/2 (7.50, or 650), with a 13.30% chance of winning
  • Sergio Perez is currently priced at 8/1 (9.00, or 800), with an 11.10% chance of winning

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What Are The Odds Of Team Red Bull Winning The Constructors Championship 2023?

As well as having odds for individual drivers, you can also find the odds for F1 teams. As you would have probably already guessed, the odds-on favourite F1 team to win the championship (the Constructors Championship 2023) is team Red Bull Racing. They are currently priced at 4/5 (1.80, or -125), with a 55.60% chance of winning.

In comparison, team Mercedes are priced at 7/5 (2.40, or 140) with a 41.70% chance of winning, and team Ferrari are currently priced at 13/2 (7.50, or 650), with a 13.30% chance of winning.

In the world of F1 professional motor racing, teams Red Bull Racing, Mercedes, and Ferrari are known collectively as the ‘big 3’ due to their dominance of the sport over the past 15 years.

A Look At Some Of The Most Successful Drivers In F1 History

Michael Schumacher remains the most successful driver in F1 history. He has racked up more Grand Prix wins than any other driver (eight wins). Lewis Hamilton is close behind with seven wins. Juan Manuel Fangio and Alan Prost have both won on six separate occasions, and Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart, Ayrton Senna, and Sebastian Vettel have all won four titles.

Things To Remember When Placing A Real Money Wager On Any Upcoming F1 Races

One of the most important things to remember when placing a bet on any upcoming F1 races is to gamble responsibly. This means placing strategic bets with realistic odds that are more likely to return you a profit, never chasing your losses, and never spending money you can’t afford.

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