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Woodstone Explorer Maple Wood Watch

Woodstone was founded by two young watch enthusiast who had a keen eye for living in tune with and preserving nature. It was then that they conceived the idea of building nature based watches, more specifically from wood. They forged on to create a brand with a unique personality that spells out, genuine, simple and outdoor lifestyle. After months of researching, designing and prototyping, they finally created a premium wooden watch that is of quality from the most precious woods known in the world.

One of these quality products is the Explorer Maple Wood Watch. Retailing at $120.00 this watch is worth the price and I’ll show you why:

Overall Features and Dimensions

This watch is 100% natural maple wood. Maple wood is a carpenter’s best choice due to its strength, beauty, and easier manipulation into furniture. Musical instruments like violins and cellos are all made from maple wood. The face is covered by tempered scratch proof glass to protect the hands and for beauty as it is durable. The watch is almost fully made of wood, but parts like the clasp are made of stainless steel as you would expect


The watch’s movement is a Swiss Ronda 515 Quartz and overall the watch is easy to adjust to any wrist. The Explorer Maple Wood Watch dimensions entail a diameter of 41 mm, a thickness of 12mm, band Width of 18mm and the weight is 50g.

Now the most specific details about the watch include:

The Case

The 41 mm x 12 mm high case is made of natural maple wood, smooth to the touch and absolutely beautiful. You can see the natural wood details and I am astounded as to how well this case is made out of wood. In contrast to the metal casing, if it scratches it becomes old, and undesirable when the case is made out of wood and it dents, this adds character to the watch. In the back of the case, four screws hold the back cover and on it is engraved “Woodstone, Designed in Istanbul” with a cool leaf stamped on the wood. In addition, the slightly curved and short lugs ensure the watch sits comfortably on the wrist.

The Dial

The dial is made of wood that features rectangle hour markers. All of which are polished and reflect light. The Woodstone name is also prominent in the dial in cursive style text. The cover is scratch proof glass. My favorite part of the dial is the smooth texture of the natural maple wood. It is lovely.

The Bracelet

The bracelet is made of the same natural maple wood that made the case. Just like the case, it’s sanded to a smooth finish. The butterfly clasp is polished stainless steel and it clasps and releases easily. The bracelet is comfortable on the wrist and in addition, the 50g weight of the watch makes it feel as if it’s not there. The bracelet links are uniform and it’s impressive to note how perfect they are aligned just as much as a metal bracelet. The uniqueness of the Explorer Maple Wood watches bracelet, is what makes me fall in love with this watch over and over again.

The Movement

The Ronda quartz movement from Switzerland inside of the Maple wood Woodstone watch entails a 12-hour function, complete with seconds, minutes, and hours. In addition, the accuracy rate is -10/+20.

Final Thoughts

As I conclude this segment, the Explorer Maple Wood Watch, is unique and stylish. The price range also defines who wears it, as it this work of art is not for everyone. However, it is a marvellous piece to add to your collection. This watch is definitely eye catching.

Plus you are doing something for the planet in terms of conserving it. Mother nature sure is smiling as you decide to purchase this watch.


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