Would Supercar Tech Make For A Good Off-Roader?

Oftentimes, you don’t really put supercars and race cars in the same sentence as off-roaders. They’re both brilliant in their unique ways, but they don’t exist on the same plane. But, perhaps there’s still truth when it comes to homologating the former onto the latter. Fering Pioneer is a young British start-up that aims to challenge the notion that supercars can’t also be 4x4s.

Founded by an ex-Ferrari and McLaren engineer, Fering Pioneer has is using both motorsports and supercar tech to create what could be one of the best off-roaders yet… One that’s light as well as compact, not to mention being highly efficient. Also unusual is the use of a dual-motor electric powertrain. This equates to a whopping 800Nm of torque, and a range of 50 miles.

Creating A One-Of-A-Kind Off-Roader

Of course, that 50 miles is only from its battery pack. Combined with a range-extender set-up, it’ll handily go even further. Fering Pioneer’s 4×4 EV pickup is also distinct in its use of fabric in lieu of aluminium or metal for its body panels. This not only makes it super light. But, using its super-strong fabric – the same used in marine sails – makes it really easy to repair, too.

What you get then is an off-roading truck that’s actually smaller than a Mondeo estate. Yet, it weighs as little as a hot hatch. On top of that, it comes with more torque than a diesel 4×4. As well as, a power- and drive-train designed to survive off-the-grid lifestyles and harsh climates. For now, it’s only a prototype, but I’m pretty keen to see how this thing performs IRL.

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