Airbag Replacement Cost

Airbag Replacement Cost – Realistic Quotes

Have you lately been involved in a car accident? Have your airbags been activated in the event of a collision? Airbags are without a doubt a life-saving innovation that has saved many lives on the road. Here we are having a look at the airbag System and airbag replacement cost.

What Are Airbags And What are They Used For?

Vehicle airbags are a type of safety device that works in tandem with seat belts to protect the driver and passengers of a vehicle’s head and upper body in the event of a frontal or side-impact collision. Airbags have been proven to save lives, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). In a frontal collision, an airbag combined with the use of a seatbelt can cut driver mortality by 52 percent. Passengers and side-impact statistics are similar. Passengers and side impact collisions have comparable statistics.

Nobody wants to be involved in an accident, yet we don’t have any control over it. Fortunately, today’s cars all come with airbags, which are a type of Supplemental Restraint System. A Supplementary Restraint System, or SRS, is the technical term for airbags. Frontal airbags have been standard on passenger cars since 1998, and pickup trucks, SUVs, and vans have had them since 1999. Side airbags are still an option in some vehicles today, despite the fact that many manufacturers include them as standard equipment.

One of the most essential automobile safety inventions in history is airbags. Airbags saved 50,457 lives between 1987 and 2017. The majority of people do not consider them until they are engaged in a crash. Thus the Airbags played an important role in saving several lives and are considered an important part of a vehicle.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, front airbags reduce fatality by 29% in frontal collisions, while side airbags reduce the probability of mortality by 37% to 52%.

If your airbags have been activated, you may be wondering what to do next. You’ll have to get a professional to replace them. This begs the question: how much does it cost to replace an airbag? This question will be addressed today.

The airbag replacement cost might be rather high. The cost of a replacement bag for the driver’s side can range from $200 to $700, and $400 to $1,000 for the passenger side. You should anticipate paying $1,000 to $6,000 once labor is factored in.

 You should anticipate paying $1,000 to $6,000 if labor is included in, with an average cost of $3,000 to $5,000. You will be charged that amount for each airbag repair or replacement.

What Are Airbags and How Do They Work?

In the case of a moderate to severe crash, an airbag is swiftly inflated by a controlled explosion, then deflates as it comes into contact with a person’s head or torso.

Impact sensors detect collisions by converting a drop in acceleration into an electrical signal that is supplied to the airbag ECU. The airbag is then activated by this computer.

Due to inertia, a rapid stop during an accident might inflict serious injury to the driver or passenger (resistance to change in motion, such as change in direction of movement or speed).

Seat belts help to restrict the driver or passenger’s body, but the frontal airbag protects the driver’s or passenger’s head from crashing with the dashboard or windshield. Airbags in several places help to cushion different sections of the body.

An Airbag System’s Components

Airbag System  consists of the following components

  • Airbags for the driver and passengers (steering wheel, dash, and sometimes door and/or seat)
  • Impact sensor for clock springs (s)
  • SRS Igniter Warning Light
  • Switch for the passenger seat
  • ECU for pyrotechnic inflator
  • Pretensions for seatbelts

The airbag system connects all of these components. All connected components, including the airbags itself, impact sensors, clock springs, and seatbelt pretensioners, are often damaged when airbags deploy. The ECU will also need to be replaced or reset. Airbag replacement cost also includes the cost of other parts.

Depending on which airbag deploys, the steering wheel, pieces of the dash, or seats may need to be replaced or repaired at this time, even though they are not part of the SRS system.

Is an Airbag Replacement Cost Covered by Insurance?

Your auto insurance should, in most situations, cover the cost of replacing your airbags. However, because this repair is so costly, insurance companies frequently prefer to “total” the vehicle instead.

If you have a cheaper auto insurance plan, then you are less likely to have airbag replacements covered at all.

What Factors Influence the Price of an Airbag Replacement?

What accounts for such a wide range of prices for an airbag replacement, which can range from $1,000 to $6,000, including materials and labor?

The cost is determined on the make and type of the vehicle. It will also depend on which airbags are being replaced, as the driver-side airbags are less expensive than passenger-side airbags in many cases. Some of the cost variance in airbags is due to the airbag’s style and size.

Keep in mind that if you’re in a collision, more than one airbag is likely to deploy. As a result, while calculating the cost of airbags, double the figure by the number of airbags.

Another factor that influences the airbag replacement cost is the total number of airbags and the location of each one that needs to be replaced. Driver-side airbags are usually less expensive than passenger-side airbags; just replacing the airbags can cost up to $1,000. Audi replacement airbags are usually bought directly from the manufacturer, and there is no way to avoid that.

The reason behind this is that the car’s computer needs to be reprogrammed; reprogramming an Audi with aftermarket airbags may be difficult. When it comes to the expense of such a repair, it is usually advisable to check with professionals who can provide more realistic figures.

What Else Is Involved in Repairing Deployed Airbags?

As previously stated, the cost of replacing airbags is determined by the scope of other work that must be completed. In most situations, airbag replacements will also entail inspecting and repairing certain related components, such as the ones listed below.

The Airbag Control Module is a device that controls the airbags.

You should also anticipate having to repair your airbag control module. This module contains the impact sensor, which cannot be reset in most vehicles. To put it another way, if you don’t replace this module but do replace the airbag, the system will simply stop working, and your repairs will be in vain.

Is It Possible To Learn How To Replace Airbags On Your Own?

It is not recommended that you replace the airbags yourself. This component is far too important for your safety to be installed by someone who lacks experience and training. It will not function properly if you make a mistake, putting you at risk. The airbag replacement cost can be cut off to a small amount by replacing them on your own.

It’s also possible that you’ll accidentally deploy the airbag when installing it.

This would not only be a waste of money because the airbag would no longer be functional, but it might also result in serious injury.

If the airbag replacement cost has given you a shock, you may be tempted to drive without them. After all, you’ll be saving at least a few thousand bucks.

You should not drive without an airbag installed in your vehicle. Remember that it’s there for a reason, and if you want to keep safe, you’ll need to replace your airbags after an accident.

If you just remove the deployed airbags rather than replace them, you’ll end up with a slew of issues.

It Isn’t Secure

It is just not safe to drive without airbags, as they were designed to protect you. If you are in an accident without airbags, your odds of dying or being injured increase by 30%. You don’t want to take that chance and end up endangering yourself or your passengers.

Keep in mind that a large body of evidence suggests that airbags keep you safe.

Is It Possible To Reuse Or Replace Airbags?

You might be asking if your airbags need to be replaced or if they can be reused and inflated again. One thing to keep in mind concerning airbags is that they can only be inflated once. Of course, this has an impact on the price.

This means that if you’ve been in a car accident, you’ll need to get it replaced. They’re a one-time component of your car, and if they’re deployed, that’s it, no matter how terrible the incident is.

If your car is involved in a collision, all of the airbags should inflate and deploy. This includes anything from knee airbags to passenger-side airbags, among other things.

When your vehicle is in the shop for repairs, you will be obliged to replace them all.

What Does It Cost to Replace an Airbag?

Replacing an automobile’s airbags can be expensive. If you have a new automobile and want to maintain it to be roadworthy, you may want to have your airbags changed. However, it’s critical to budget for the cost of maintenance and replacement. If you don’t, you might be in for a rude awakening when you visit your local auto shop. It may be higher than you anticipate. It should be mentioned that the cost of replacing an airbag varies based on the make and model of your vehicle.

When you have a lot of airbags, the price will go up. Even different car dealerships will charge you various amounts. Take into account the numerous new airbags as well as labor charges at a nearby auto shop. For example, a car owner might expect to pay $200 to $700 for the driver’s side airbag. A passenger-side airbag might cost anything from $400 to $1000. The cost of side curtain airbags in a modern vehicle can range from $200 to $700. Knee airbags can cost anywhere from $400 to $1000. However, the bad news is that there are other components in new cars that will make repairs more expensive.

If your vehicle contains an electronic control unit, prepare to pay a lot of money to replace it. For your automobile to be safe again, you may need to repair sensors, springs, and the PCBs. It’s possible that other elements of your car will need to be changed as well. This is dependent on the location of the airbags. Parts of the steering wheel and the dashboard, for example, may be affected. Part of the fees may be covered by your auto insurance. However, you should check your policy to determine if this is an option for you.

Other Components Of Airbag

The airbags in new cars are controlled by a “electronic control unit,” which acts as a computer. In addition, the airbag system’s instrument panel, springs, and sensors are included. If your airbags inflate, you’ll also need to replace these other components that help to house and inflate the airbags. You wouldn’t be able to buy and install these components on your own, either. Unless you are a professional technician, you will need to take your vehicle to a dealership or another professional technician to have the airbag system repaired. This means you’ll be responsible for both the cost of new parts and the labor involved with the repair.

Because you won’t be replacing a single component, knowing the complete cost of an airbag replacement will help you prevent any unpleasant financial surprises. Here’s a primer on airbags before we get into the average airbag replacement expenses.

Is it Possible to Replace Airbags After an Accident?

Your vehicle’s body damage may be repaired, and your airbags can be replaced, no matter how serious the damage appears. Depending on the circumstances, you may prefer to forgo filing an insurance claim, or your accident may not be covered by your insurer’s policy. “Will my car be totaled if the airbags deploy?” you might wonder. Airbag Replacement cost Is increased after an accident.

However, in these cases, a total loss is not always the case. It may cost a bunch of dollars to fix your car at a local body shop, but it is achievable. When you start talking about replacing your airbags, the costs start to skyrocket.

Where can I get airbag parts?

Certified auto body shops, car dealerships, and select auto repair shops are the ideal places to have components of your airbag system installed in your vehicle. Airbags are a specialty in several establishments.

Airbags can be obtained for less money online, but they normally come with a limited warranty.

It’s important to avoid buying a malfunctioning or counterfeit airbag because they might have serious repercussions, such as deploying too late in an incident or spewing metal shrapnel when they deploy. Repairing certain components or resetting the ECU is frequently doable and can be accomplished with the help of a reputable internet shop. My Airbags is most likely the most well-known airbag service provider. You simply send them the defective parts, and they return them to you repaired.

Components of Seat Belts

As part of their airbag repair process, your mechanic will most likely replace the seat belt retractors and buckles as well.

Because your seat belts most likely have pre-tensioners in the retractor and/or buckle, this is the case. These pre-tensioners tighten just before an airbag deploys, and they only work once. If your mechanic does not replace them, you will not have the further protection if your new airbags are ever needed.

Connectors and wiring should be inspected. The mechanic will also need to check the airbag system’s wiring and connectors. This is a vital step because they could have been damaged in your crash or by the airbag deployment.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Part?

One thing to keep in mind concerning airbag replacement is that it requires a skilled technician.

This means that if a business offers it as a service, they will almost certainly assign their best technician to it, raising the price. Airbag replacement typically takes 1-2 hours, although this varies on the automobile you own. The calculation is simple if the shop costs $100 per hour. Don’t forget about the diagnostic price, which is normally approximately $100.

If you own an Audi and need an airbag replacement due to an accident or a recall, contact Foreign Affairs European Automotive Shop. They specialize in European imports, such as Audi, and have extensive knowledge and skill that far exceeds that of most dealerships, as well as more reasonable prices.

Additionally, they provide a free shuttle service and loaner automobiles upon request; if your Audi’s airbags deploy and you are unable to safely drive your car, you do not need to rent a car, which will add to your overall costs. Stop in and visit Foreign Affairs European Automotive Shop in West Palm Beach, if nothing else, to meet their nice staff—you’ll feel right at home and your problem will be solved in no time too.

Expenses Associated With The Deployment Of An Airbag

Some vehicle designs contain airbag mechanisms that, when deployed, have a significant impact on dashboard components and the windshield; while determining the total cost, it’s vital to take in the cost of all airbag-related repairs so that no issue you would have to face later on and each and everything will go smoothly.

When dealing with the repercussions of airbag deployment, involving your insurance company is a smart idea—if you were in an accident severe enough to release the airbags, they may wish to “total” the car and give you the money for its worth. When a car’s resale value is severely reduced as a result of an accident, it is sometimes referred to as a “salvaged” vehicle.

The Simple Truth About Airbag Replacement Costs

Last but not least, the type and model of your vehicle affects the cost of airbag repair. If you’re trying to figure out how much it costs to replace airbags, this is one of the most important factors to consider.

One cause is that some models sell better than others, resulting in an increase in the number of vehicles on the road. In most situations, you can find parts for an average, non-luxury automobile that has been well-received at a lesser price – including an airbag.

Airbags will deploy if the impact is severe enough, but other damage will almost certainly occur as a result of the impact. If you wish to keep driving the automobile safely, you must first replace the airbags. Airbag complete replacement expenses often range from one to six thousand dollars, depending on the vehicle make and model. Because an Audi is considered a luxury vehicle, replacing the airbags on one may be slightly more expensive depending on the model. The more valuable the vehicle, the more expensive the airbag replacement will be, is a solid rule of thumb. It’s critical to find the correct car repair business for these kind of repairs; avoiding the dealership and going to a smaller, more reputed institution will save you a lot of money.

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