Driven: 2015 Bentley Continental GT Speed Coupe Review

Driven: 2015 Bentley Continental GT Speed Coupe Review

Following a brief test of the Bentley Continental GT Speed at Millbrook proving ground here are some of our thoughts on this ultimate GT car.

What is the Bentley Continental GT Speed Coupe all about?

The Bentley Continental GT Speed has been around for a few years now and is a critically acclaimed great car. The GT itself is a very solid car but the Speed takes the car to the next level using the cars 6.0-litre W12 engine that creates 626bhp and 800Nm of torque. This means that this luxury car can get from 0-60mph in 4.0 seconds and will do an incredible top speed of 206mph.  The Speed’s power goes through an 8-speed automatic gearbox to all 4 wheels. This car has supercar performance but also has some of the nicest luxuries available on any car in the market.

Bentley Continental GT Speed 5

How does it drive?

The Bentley is a great cruiser that you can sit inside surrounded by luxury. To get in and get moving the process is straight forward, you get in, sit down, the car recognises the key, you hit the start button and that W12 turns over.  As soon as you hear the exhaust note, straight away you’re aware this is going to be a special journey. Next put the car into gear and it will move off with a very elegant, smooth feel.

Bentley Continental GT Speed 16

Working my way to the test circuit the car felt beautifully relaxed and showed the exceptional ride quality that I expected.  Once at the test track, and giving the car full throttle, the car was impressively powerful, it’s just insane that a car of this size and weight can accelerate in such a relentless way.

Bentley Continental GT Speed 9

To complement the car even more, once  the roads gets twisty the GT Speed, despite being a monster, can really get involved,. Taking back to back small and tight corners in the GT, the  car handles beautifully and the feedback to the driver is very impressive. Additionally, the GT Speed on test was fitted with a set of carbon fibre brakes that stop the car with extreme force and are a great option for getting the most out of the driving experience.

What is it like inside?

Inside the Bentley Continental GT Speed is a whole different league. It has one of the best looking cabins of all time. The first thing that catches your eye when looking into the Bentley is the diamond quilted leather that you can see cut into the seats and the door trims, it  gives a real quality and exclusive look to the interior of this premium Grand Touring car.

Bentley Continental GT Speed 13

Sitting inside the car you notice that even the roof lining is covered in luxury perforated leather, and the dash is mostly covered in supple leather except for the carbon fibre facias, if you have selected that option on the build list, which for me transformed the look of the interior and gave the car a distinct sporting edge.

Bentley Continental GT Speed 17

One of the technology features on the car is keyless entry and start, making the car a pleasure to get in and out of, without messing around with keys…they are so last year! It’s not cutting edge technology, but it’s definitely a cherry on top of this already well iced cake.

The Experience

The GT Speed provides the ultimate GT driving experience for many reasons, first the speed of the car is blisteringly quick, it has dashing good looks and makes a beautiful noise from that legendary W12 engine. However the car has a refined side also. In fact the Bentley GT is a dream over long journeys; you feel like you are being swished along.

Bentley Continental GT Speed 4


The Bentley Continental GT Speed is the perfect luxury performance package. The base GT provides a high level of luxury. But mix that in with the Speed’s W12 engine and you have an impressive weapon on your hands. The GT Speed has mass appeal but with an exclusive price tag. I’m sure the GT Speed will go down as being a legend in motoring history.

Bentley Continental GT Speed 10

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Bentley Continental GT Speed

  • Price: £186,400
  • Engine: 6.0-Litre Turbocharged W12
  • Power: 626bhp
  • Torque: 800Nm
  • Transmission: 8 Speeds Automatic ZF
  • 0-62mph: 4.0 Seconds
  • Top speed: 206mph
  • Weight: 2,320kg
  • Economy combined: 19mpg
  • CO2: 338g/km

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Author: Paul Hadley