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At Motor Verso, we’re more than just automotive enthusiasts – we’re a trusted voice in the motor industry. Over the years, our dedication to bringing you the latest news, reviews, and insights has caught the attention of the media worldwide. On this page, you’ll find a curated collection of our appearances, features, and recognitions.

Whether we’re providing expert commentary, getting a nod for our in-depth reviews, or bagging awards for our innovative approach to automotive journalism, we’re proud of the mark we’re making. This isn’t just about showcasing our achievements; it’s about reinforcing the trust you place in us every time you visit our website.

Recent Features and Awards

Stay tuned! We update this section biannually to share our latest moments in the spotlight.

2023 – Paul Hadley Joins the Elite at Epica Awards

Our very own Paul Hadley has been honoured by being appointed to the esteemed judging panel for the Epica Awards. His experience, expertise, and eye for innovation make him a valuable addition to the team that recognises the crème de la crème in the publishing world.

2023 – A Prime Position in 2023’s Best Car Blogs by

In October 2023, Motor Verso proudly found its name among the luminaries of the automotive blogging world in the “50 Best Car Blogs” list curated by Being listed by such a reputable platform, known for its meticulous selection process, truly amplifies our drive to provide top-tier content. Sharing space with other esteemed sites is not only an honour but also a testament to our team’s passion and dedication. At Motor Verso, we remain committed to steering our readers to the latest, most insightful automotive content. Thank you,, for the acknowledgment, and to our readers for the unwavering support!

2023 – Motor Verso Wins ‘Most Insightful Automotive Guide’ for 2023

In yet another proud moment for the Motor Verso family, we’re elated to share that The Business Concept has awarded us with the title of ‘Most Insightful Automotive Guide’ for 2023. This accolade speaks volumes about our dedication to providing readers with in-depth, knowledgeable, and engaging content about the automotive world.

This award isn’t just a feather in our cap. It serves as a testament to our commitment to elevating the standards of automotive journalism. Every article, review, and guide we create is designed with you, our readers, in mind. We strive to shed light on the intricacies of the industry, making it more accessible and comprehensible for everyone, from automobile aficionados to casual readers.

A huge shoutout to our talented team, contributors, and, most importantly, our loyal readers for being a part of this incredible journey. Your support and feedback have been pivotal in shaping Motor Verso into a platform worthy of such recognition.

2023 – Spotlight by PRNEWS.IO

Motor Verso has been recognised by Veronika Furs, Business Development Manager at PRNEWS.IO, in her curated list of top car blogs and magazines for passionate drivers. Tailored for modern automotive enthusiasts, Motor Verso offers in-depth reviews, car news, and engaging content on dreamy car models. Our dedication to delivering authentic and informed perspectives has placed us among the must-reads in the automotive world.

2023 – Top Spot in “Most Popular Blog in Motoring”

In July 2023, Motor Verso clinched the title as the “Most Popular Blog in Motoring“, as curated by Monika. Lauded for our compelling and informative content across a spectrum of automotive subjects, we pride ourselves on the comprehensive reviews, classic car features, and other engaging content we consistently produce. Thanks to our dedicated team of automotive journalists and our commitment to quality content coupled with vivid photography, Motor Verso has emerged as a primary destination for car lovers eager for the latest in automotive news and trends.

With the blogging landscape constantly evolving, we are both honoured and motivated by such recognition. Being placed amongst “The Most Popular Blogs You Can’t Miss” affirms our efforts and further drives our dedication to remaining at the forefront of automotive blogging. As always, we express gratitude to our readers and followers who have made this achievement possible. Here’s to more miles, more reviews, and continued excellence!


2023 – Proud Moment in 2023: A Top 10 Finish!

Motor Verso clinched the 7th spot in the list of “60 Best UK Car Blogs to Follow in 2023.” Being recognised among the top tier of the UK’s car blogs is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality, insightful content to our audience. Our continued passion for the automotive world drives us forward, and we’re honoured to be celebrated among the best in the industry this year.

2023 – Motor Verso Highlighted As Top Blog by Carmoola

2023 started on a high note for Motor Verso as we were featured in Carmoola’s compilation of “The Best Car Blogs You Need to Read Now.” This recognition stands as a testament to our relentless dedication to serving our readers with the latest in automotive news, reviews, and insights. Carmoola, known for their discerning taste in curating quality content, included us among the best in the motoring domain. Whether you’re seeking reviews, the latest news, or insightful tidbits about driving, Motor Verso ensures you’re always in the driver’s seat when it comes to automotive knowledge. We’re honoured to drive alongside the best in the business!

2022 – Motor Verso Awarded ‘Top Performing Publisher’ by Ezoic for 2022

It’s celebrations once again at Motor Verso! Our unwavering dedication to exceptional automotive content has been recognised by Ezoic, the trusted partner we proudly collaborate with. We’ve been bestowed the honour of ‘Top Performing Publisher’ for the year 2022.

This accolade underscores our commitment to not only crafting high-quality content but also effectively reaching and engaging with our audience. Over the past year, we’ve witnessed significant growth, expanding our reader base and continually enhancing the value we provide.

We owe this achievement to our talented team, whose relentless efforts ensure Motor Verso stands out in the digital realm, and to our readers, whose constant engagement and feedback drive us to excel.

2022 – Motor Verso Crowned ‘Best Automotive Media Company 2022’ by Greater London Awards

We’re on a roll! It gives us immense pleasure to announce that Motor Verso has been selected as the ‘Best Automotive Media Company 2022‘ by the prestigious Greater London Awards.

This accolade shines a spotlight on our dedication to producing unparalleled automotive content that resonates with readers in London and beyond. Being recognised on such a grand platform, especially in a city that’s a hub for innovation and creativity, is both humbling and motivating.

Our team, with its undying passion for everything automotive, has continuously aimed to set the bar high. This award is a testament to their hard work and the consistent quality we strive to deliver.

To our readers, thank you for being our driving force. Your enthusiasm and loyalty inspire us to keep moving forward, creating content that informs, entertains, and adds value.

2022 – Motor Verso Clinches ‘Top Video Strategist’ Title for 2022 by Ezoic

In our continuous pursuit to enrich our content offerings, 2022 saw Motor Verso venturing deeper into video production. By creating compelling videos to bolster our most popular content, we added a dynamic layer of engagement for our audience. Ezoic, our collaborative partner, took note of our innovative approach, bestowing upon us the title of ‘Top Video Strategist’.

Our endeavor into the realm of video wasn’t just about embracing a trend; it was about amplifying our storytelling capabilities, making our content more interactive and immersive. The recognition from Ezoic underscores our successful efforts in this direction.

2021 – Best Automotive Media Company 2021 – Greater London Awards

Motor Verso has clinched the title of ‘Best Automotive Media Company‘ at the Greater London Awards. Being acknowledged underlines our consistent commitment to excellence in automotive journalism.

Our content, shaped by a keen understanding of the automotive landscape and a drive to innovate, has not only resonated with our audience but has also gained the admiration of industry peers.

2020 – A Top Mention in “The 7 Best Auto Repair Blogs on the Internet”

In 2020, Motor Verso was honoured to be featured prominently in the lineup of “The 7 Best Auto Repair Blogs on the Internet”. Recognised for our expertise in reviewing high-end luxury vehicles and performance-oriented sports cars, our blog was praised for its breathtaking high-quality photos and videos that offer readers an immersive experience of the world’s most coveted cars. From the elegance of a Jaguar to the roar of a Maserati, we strive to give our readers the full experience. Beyond reviews, our informative walkthroughs on maintaining vehicle aesthetics and functionality have been a guiding light for many. We’re grateful for this acknowledgement and remain committed to upholding our standard of top-tier quality in both content and visuals.

2020 – Top 3 Automotive Blogs of 2020 – Vuelio

In a year that was eventful for the automotive world, Motor Verso made its mark by securing a spot in the top 3 automotive blogs as ranked by Vuelio.

Taking third place, Motor Verso stood tall among industry juggernauts. Leading the pack was Car Throttle, a platform hailed as the “BuzzFeed for cars,” captivating millions of car enthusiasts globally. Close on its tail was WTF1, a haven for motorsport enthusiasts, drawing over 12 million visitors monthly.

Motor Verso carved its niche by focusing on the real-world consumer perspective. While racetracks and exotic models dazzle many, we recognised the need for practical insights into everyday vehicles. We rigorously tested the latest cars and related products, delivering comprehensive reviews adorned with sharp imagery. Our goal? To provide readers an authentic feel of cars – from how they’d look in their garages to their performance on the streets.

2020 – Featured in Stoneacre’s Best Car Blogs of 2020

The year 2020 saw Motor Verso making waves in the automotive community, and the accolades kept rolling in. Another feather in our cap was being featured in Stoneacre’s curated list of ‘Best Car Blogs‘.

Stoneacre, known for its keen sense of the automotive industry, handpicked blogs that exemplified a unique blend of information, innovation, and inspiration. Motor Verso was lauded for its thorough reviews, engaging articles, and visually appealing content, making it a must-read for automotive enthusiasts.

2019 – Motor Verso Shortlisted for Online Influence Awards 2019

In 2019, Motor Verso received a significant nod from the digital community. We were thrilled to be shortlisted as a finalist in the highly coveted Online Influence Awards in the Motoring category.

Competing alongside heavyweights like Car Throttle, The Car Expert, and wtf1, Motor Verso’s inclusion was a testament to our impactful digital presence, engaging content, and consistent efforts to lead in the online automotive discourse.

Motor Verso Shortlisted for Online Influence Awards 2019

Motor Verso Shortlisted for Online Influence Awards 2019

2019 – Top 3 Automotive Blogs of 2019 – Recognised by Vuelio

Another pivotal moment in Motor Verso’s journey came in 2019 when we were honored with a position in the top 3 automotive blogs, as ranked by Vuelio.

Being placed among the elite in the automotive blogging community was a clear reflection of our commitment to delivering outstanding content, cutting-edge insights, and engaging narratives that resonate with automotive enthusiasts and casual readers alike.

2018 – Among the Top Car Websites of 2018 – Acknowledged by Mechanic Base

The year 2018 brought Motor Verso into the limelight when we were ranked among the top car websites of the year by Mechanic Base.

Mechanic Base, with its deep roots in the automotive world, is recognised for its discerning taste and in-depth understanding of the industry. To be acknowledged by such a platform was both an honour and a validation of our dedication to top-tier automotive content.

2018 – Top Automotive Blogs of 2018 – Spotlighted by GloveBoxDirect

2018 continued to be a noteworthy year for Motor Verso as we gained yet another accolade. This time, GloveBoxDirect, a reputable name in the automotive domain, spotlighted us in their roundup of top automotive blogs.

Being recognised by GloveBoxDirect emphasized our growing impact and influence in the automotive blogging sphere. Their endorsement signified the depth, authenticity, and relevance of our content, attributes we have always prided ourselves on.

2018 – Paul Hadley Joins Forces with Foray Motor Group for Research

2018 marked a significant collaboration as Paul Hadley, the key figure behind Motor Verso, teamed up with Foray Motor Group, one of the stalwarts in the automotive industry. Paul’s expertise and insights were instrumental in contributing to a research project spearheaded by the Foray Motor Group.

This partnership underscored Paul’s deep knowledge and commitment to furthering understanding within the automotive sector. Teaming up with industry leaders like Foray Motor Group not only expanded Motor Verso’s network but also reinforced our brand’s reputation as a trusted and respected voice in the automotive community.

2018 – Top 3 Automotive Blogs of 2018 – Credited by Vuelio

2018 truly was a landmark year for Motor Verso, as our consistent efforts were recognised by Vuelio, placing us in their esteemed list of top 3 automotive blogs for the year.

This acknowledgement by Vuelio, a renowned platform in the industry, added another feather to our cap. It underlined our dedication to crafting high-quality content, driving in-depth discussions, and curating insights that resonate with the automotive community at large.

2018 – Paul Hadley Shines in “Blogger Spotlight”

In 2018, amidst the many accomplishments of Motor Verso, Paul Hadley, the driving force behind the brand, was individually recognised as he was featured in the coveted “Blogger Spotlight“. This feature aimed to highlight bloggers who had made a significant impact in their respective domains.

Paul’s feature in the spotlight was a testament to his dedication, expertise, and passion for the automotive world. His insights, narratives, and unique perspectives on the industry’s trends and innovations have made him a respected figure among peers and readers alike.

2017 – Motor Verso Featured on ITV News Discussing Autonomous Driving

In 2017, Motor Verso was thrust into the limelight when ITV News chose to feature us as a credible source on the topic of autonomous driving. As the conversation around self-driving vehicles gained momentum, our expertise and insights into the evolving landscape of autonomous technology were sought after by major news outlets.

Being highlighted on ITV News, a major broadcasting powerhouse, emphasized the trust and authority Motor Verso commands in the automotive discourse. Our in-depth analyses, fact-based discussions, and forward-thinking perspectives were recognised and valued by a wider audience.

2017 – Motor Verso was Honored with the iVisa Global Blogger Award

2017 continued to be a momentous year for Motor Verso as we clinched the iVisa Global Blogger Award. This prestigious award, given by iVisa, recognises the finest bloggers across various sectors who have made a significant impact through their digital platforms.

Receiving the iVisa Global Blogger Award was a nod to our relentless pursuit of automotive excellence, impeccable content quality, and the global outreach of our narratives. It underlined Motor Verso’s position as not just a local influencer but a global voice in automotive journalism.

2017 – Motor Verso was Honored with the iVisa Global Blogger Award

2017 continued to be a momentous year for Motor Verso as we clinched the iVisa Global Blogger Award. This prestigious award, given by iVisa, recognises the finest bloggers across various sectors who have made a significant impact through their digital platforms.

Receiving the iVisa Global Blogger Award was a nod to our relentless pursuit of automotive excellence, impeccable content quality, and the global outreach of our narratives. It underlined Motor Verso’s position as not just a local influencer but a global voice in automotive journalism.

2017 – Among the Top 10 Automotive Blogs of 2017 – Cited by Vuelio

The year 2017 was one of acknowledgements for Motor Verso, and being listed among the top 10 automotive blogs by Vuelio was one of the key highlights. Vuelio, with its comprehensive understanding of digital content, handpicks the best from the vast expanse of the internet, and to be cited by them was truly an honour.

This recognition added to our growing list of accolades, reaffirming our position as a leading voice in the automotive blogging community. Through our focused efforts, we were able to cater to readers with compelling content, in-depth analyses, and engaging narratives that resonated with a wide audience.