Ownership, Funding, and Our Drive for Value

At Motor Verso, we believe transparency is paramount, akin to the horsepower in a sports car or the sleek design of a luxury saloon. It’s why we’re openly sharing the roadmap of our journey — from the seeds of inception to the diverse revenue streams that propel our growth.

Ownership: A Personal Investment in Automotive Passion

Motor Verso is the creation of Paul Hadley, our founder and editor, who transformed a vision into a reality. Since 2013, Paul has not only invested money into this endeavour but also his time, knowledge, and undying enthusiasm for all things automotive.

Self-Funded Start: The Origins of Our Engine

The initial investment was substantial, combining monetary contributions with a commitment of time, expertise, and passion for the automotive world. Paul’s ambition was not merely to create another car review website but to construct a platform that resonates with the enthusiasm of car enthusiasts worldwide.

Growth: Reinvesting for the Road Ahead

Motor Verso has consistently powered forward since our beginning. Our original revenue engines — display advertising and affiliate income — have provided the financial foundation for our expansion. Collaborations with partners like Ezoic for display advertising and Amazon for affiliate links have been instrumental in this journey. But it’s our expanded services that showcase our commitment to growth and allow us to spend a lot of time creating content for our readers. Other ways Motor Verso earns money it via:

  • Selling car stock photography
  • Providing car photography services
  • Offering copywriting and editorial services for the automotive industry
  • Displaying targeted advertising
  • Promoting curated content
  • Utilising affiliate links through Amazon
  • Providing paid consulting
  • Giving professional feedback on automotive products and services

We continuously reinvest a significant portion of our earnings into Motor Verso, enhancing our content and services to deliver unparalleled value to our readers and clients.

Content: Our Core Investment

Investment in top-tier content remains the bedrock of our strategy. But beyond that, we have widened our portfolio to include a variety of services and products that fuel informed discussions within the automotive community.

Compliance: Steering Within the Legal Lines

As we diversify, our compliance with legal standards remains steadfast. Motor Verso is not just a website but a registered entity under UK law, with the registered company number 09369202. This ensures we maintain our promise of reliability and integrity in every service we provide. As a member of The Midlands Group of Motoring Writers, Paul Hadley maintains a reputable stance in the industry, reflecting our standing commitment to authenticity and trustworthiness.

In Conclusion: Fuelled by Dedication and Diversification

Our dedication to Motor Verso is as steadfast as our commitment to innovation and diversification. Owned entirely by Paul Hadley and operating within the UK’s legal frameworks, our publication and services are a testament to what genuine passion, coupled with diversified ventures, can build — and sustain.

With our hands on the wheel and eyes on the ever-evolving roads of the automotive industry, we’re excited to navigate this journey with you. Join us at Motor Verso, where passion drives every turn.