Driven: Citroen DS4 DSport Review

DRIVEN: Citroen DS4 DSport Review

After a week-long test with the Citroen DS4 DSport here is Motor Verso’s review.

What’s the Citroen DS4 DSport all about?

The DS4 is Citroen’s medium sized hatchback for the modern generation. The car is a similar size and shape to the highly purchased Ford Focus, but its design concept, front to back, is a lot more outgoing and funkier.

Citroen DS4 DSport  (38)

Looking around the car one of the most outstanding features are the 19 inch DSport wheels, which are by far one of the best set of wheels I have seen on any car, let alone a well-priced Citroen. The Whisper purple paintwork looks exceptional in the sunlight, and the curves of the bodywork really give the car a futuristic and outstanding shape on the road.

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The model on test is the Citroen DS4 DSport HDI 160. It has a 2.0-litre diesel engine that puts out 163bhp and 340Nm of torque. This means that the 0-60mph time on paper is 9.9 seconds and the top speed is 136mph.

How does it drive?

Being a DSport it is supposed to be more exciting to drive than the standard model, Citroen have easily achieved this. The uprated suspension and handling characteristics of the car give an everyday usable, but very sporty and enjoyable, driving experience.

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The diesel engine provides more than enough poke to enjoy the car and get you around as fast as you will ever need to go. The efficiency of the engine is brilliant also, you can drive the car as hard as you like and the car will still return 40+ mpg. Over the week I achieved 300 miles on half a tank of fuel. The MPG is really very good.

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The power is put to the front wheels using a six speed automatic gearbox. The gearbox works really well, especially in traffic, but you can still get away quickly as the gearbox responds fairly efficiently.

What’s it like inside?

As you would expect from a DS Citroen, the inside is exceptionally well designed. Getting into the front you will sit on one of two very sporty black and red sports leather seats. The seats are both massaging, and electrically heated. This will make any trip a delight.

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The dashboard layout is designed around a large media centre screen in the middle of the car. The array of buttons underneath are used to control the SatNav, Bluetooth, CD, DAB, and heating controls.

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There is also room in the back. You may have noticed that the DS4 doesn’t have any obvious rear door handles, which is because these have been integrated into the window frame design.  The back door entrances are slightly smaller from creating these seamless doors, but it’s nothing to be concerned about, and they do look good. The windows in the back don’t roll down either; however that will not be a problem as the DS4 is fitted with sun shield tinted windows in the rear, and has quality air conditioning.

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The Experience

As the week went on testing the DS4, I became more and more impressed with the car. The major seller for this car, for me, is simply how good it looks. It looks so much more exciting and more stylish than anything else in the hatchback range. The car looks fantastic from a distance, and up close.

The top spec DSport model with the 19″ wheels certainly turn heads, and I was proud to be driving the DS4 around. Also, the engine and gearbox package that you get, matched with HDI 160 engine has fantastic economy, but still has a sporty spirit.

Citroen DS4 DSport  (27)


If you’re after a hatchback that needs to look good, have great economy, and is enjoyable to drive, there is no doubt that this is the car for you. It is well equipped, well designed, and well implemented. It’s clear to me that the DS4 DSport will go on to be a very well established car in the future.

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Citroen DS4 DSport
  • Price: £28,155 
  • Engine: 2.0-Litre turbocharged diesel
  • Power: 163bhp
  • Torque: 340Nm
  • Transmission: 6 Speed automatic
  • 0-62mph: 9.9 Seconds
  • Top speed: 129mph
  • Weight: 1,540kg
  • Economy combined: 49mpg
  • CO2: 149 g/km

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Author: Paul Hadley