Mitsubishi ASX ZC-H Review

Driven: Mitsubishi ASX ZC-H 2015 Review

After one week of testing the Mitsubishi ASX ZC-H, here is what we think of this compact Crossover.

What is the Mitsubishi ASX ZC-H all about?

The ASX is a compact crossover from Mitsubishi with a lot to offer, including a range of economical engines, an optional 4-wheel drive system, premium comforts and funky styling to please the more fashion conscious of us.

Mitsubishi ASX ZC-H

The model we have on test is the ASX ZC-H, which is the top of the range model. This adds leather seats, the 4-wheel drive system and an impressive panoramic roof with LED accent lights on either side. These options sit on top of an already well-equipped ASX range that includes 7-inch Mitsubishi Multi Communication System with DAB and Bluetooth, heated seats, a tyre pressure monitoring system, a keyless entry system, Xenon headlights and 18-inch alloy wheels. Not bad at all.

Mitsubishi ASX 2016 35

The ASX is powered by a 2.2-litre DOHC engine that creates 147bhp and 360Nm of torque. This power goes through an automatic gearbox with an electronically activated 4-wheel drive system. The ASX can get to 60mph in 10.8 seconds and will do a top speed of 118mph. The car is also able to achieve 49mpg combined whilst creating 152g/km of CO2.

Mitsubishi ASX 2016 41

How does it drive?

The ASX has a very simple driving feel from the moment you get inside the car. The 2.2-litre diesel engine seems to have power from the very bottom of the rev range. Combined with the 6-speed automatic gearbox, the car moves along with great urgency. Also, the car is pretty quiet from inside the cabin. You can tell that there has been great effort from Mitsubishi to improve the cabin noise.

Mitsubishi ASX 2016 29

The electric steering setup in the crossover does feel exceptionally light, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you look at the type of drivers that want to use this car. The light steering makes it easy to operate and means moving the car around town is a lot easier. The electric steering system also has added fuel efficiency over a more conventional hydraulic system.

Mitsubishi ASX 2016 46

During both motorway and town driving, the car seemed equally suited to the environment. On the motorway – because of the tyre choice and suspension setup – the car is relatively quiet. In the city, stopping and starting is no real effort and the 2.2-litre diesel engine, even without the stop-start technology, still proves to be very economic.

Mitsubishi ASX 2016 12

The ASX does have some grunt to back up its Crossover looks and also comes with an electrically activated 4-wheel drive system based on Mitsubishi’s All Wheel Control system. This means the car can switch between front wheel and 4-wheel drive at the press of a button. You can even lock the diff for when you put the car on some difficult terrain.

Mitsubishi ASX 2016 46

The ASX is also a highly rated car with regards to safety. The car features an array of support systems that work silently in the background ensuring that you are well protected at all times. These systems include Tyre Pressure Monitoring, ABS, Traction Control, Hill Start Assist and Active Stability Control.

What is it like inside?

Inside, the ASX feels a lot less industrial than the rest of the range, and more like a “normal” car. Despite the fact that the ASX uses the same 7-inch Mitsubishi Multi Communication System as the rest of the range, the interior has a simplified feeling to it. I think this is down to the proportions of the dashboard in this smaller car, making the system look more suited. Just underneath the screen are 3 basic knobs to control heating which leave the dashboard looking simple and uncluttered.

Mitsubishi ASX ZC-H

You will notice that the ASX features a few extra buttons, including the start button that will work with the key in your pocket, and also the 4WD button that will flick through 3 different drive modes.

Mitsubishi ASX 2016 33

The passenger space in both the front and back of the car feels pretty roomy, which I must say is quite an achievement for a small Crossover.

Lastly, the boot is a superb size and provides 442-litres of space which in the real world feels like plenty of space to carry large amounts of stuff around. Plus, underneath there is a useful 26-litre storage solution for carefully storing small bits and pieces out of the way.

The Experience

The ASX experience is pretty unique, the car offers basic driving thrills in a stylish and practical body. The ASX drives like it competes in a much smaller and more agile hatchback market, but has lots more maturity in its styling, design and character.

Mitsubishi ASX 2016 3


The Mitsubishi ASX Crossover has standout styling which helps separate the car in a very busy market. The interior comforts and practicalities of the car score very high and help make your busy lives a little bit easier. The 2.2-litre engine tested provides a very engaging driving experience with minimum impact to running costs. All this coupled with the high equipment level at the competitive price of £24,899 makes the ASX look to be a very strong option when looking for a new car.

Mitsubishi ASX 2016 11

Video Highlights

Mitsubishi ASX ZC-H 2015 

  • Price: £24,899
  • Engine: 2.2-litre DOHC
  • Power: 147bhp
  • Torque: 360Nm
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • 0-62mph: 10.8 Seconds
  • Top speed: 118mph
  • Weight: 1,520kg
  • Economy: 49mpg
  • CO2: 152g/km

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Author: Paul Hadley