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7 Main Reasons For Car Crash On Irish Roads

Car crashes have claimed the lives of many in Ireland. In response to this, there have been government regulations, like the road speed limits on all public roads. Still, we believe that there can be a decrease in accidents when car owners are aware of the reasons for car crash and ways to prevent them where possible.

Although cars have made it easy for you to move around as you like, faster and efficiently, it also has its risks, and a car crash will mean that you’ll have to pay through the “cover of your insurance.”

Hence this article is meant to inform you and help you stay abreast of the 7 glaring reasons behind car crashes on Irish roads.

We believe that an informed, and insured driver will earnestly contribute to the proper use of the roads in Ireland.

1. Speeding

As a road user, you must have seen the term “Speed Kills,” as it is often used to sound a warning to drivers who simply won’t pedal down on the brakes. Speed is the major cause of road accidents in Ireland, contributing to one-third of fatal Irish road crashes.

Keep in mind that it is a lot easier to respond to an emergency sign or roadblock ahead, when driving slower than when you are driving at top speed, and a speed increase of 5km/h can result in fatal road crashes and even deaths.

As a driver, you should obey the road speed limits. By law, third party insurance cover is mandatory for all the drivers. It implies their guarantors will get the bill if the driver makes a mishap and injury some other gathering (counting any travellers, regardless of whether identified with the driver or not).

2. Driving While Drinking

When driving under the influence of alcohol, it is almost impossible to concentrate on the road. Hence, your driving is more likely to be dangerous, sloppy, or even out of control.

Alcohol consumption is another major cause of car crashes in Ireland, and drug-taking before driving is equally not advised, as some of its side effects can be dizziness. So, stay off the influence when you have to drive.

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3. Driving Under Poor Weather Conditions

It is unwise to ignore safety precautions on the road, especially during rainy and snowy conditions. Bad weather is another reason for car crash in Ireland, as it can result in a car skid.

To avoid this, you ought to pay close attention to weather forecasts in your state, and if you must drive under poor weather conditions, do so with all caution.

4. Driving While Using Your Phone

Thanks to technology, as we can now have several things accomplished at the same time but with precaution and balance. Using a phone while driving has led to the loss of several lives because a crash can happen in a flash.

For instance, sending a text message while driving or answering a phone call, will mean that the driver has to take their attention off the road.

These split seconds of a shift in focus have resulted in severe car crashes.

It is better to park the car somewhere safe to reply to the message or simply tell yourself, “this distraction can wait.”

Honda Civic EX FK8 1.6 2018 PH 4

5. Driving Conditions

That includes potholes, accident blackspots, Etc, and they are another major cause of car crashes on Irish roads today.

It is important to drive carefully and recognize that your safety and that of other irish road users begins with you.

6. Impaired Driving

Driving while feeling sleepy, tired, and sick have resulted in the loss of lives and property in Ireland. Sleeping drivers are likely to have their eyes cleared after they might have collided with another car or driven off the road entirely.

Impaired driving is another reason for car crash on Irish roads. Therefore, do not try to drive under any of these circumstances. You will be endangering your life and that of other road users.

7. Mechanical Problem

Managing a car that is clearly giving signs of repairs is another cause of car crashes on the road. Some drivers will prefer to manage their deflating tires, steering, and car brakes instead of taking it over to a qualified mechanic.

As a car owner, you should examine your car and take it to a mechanic for regular servicing. By so doing, you will be contributing to the safety of more lives on the road.

Is it really worth the risk? That is one question that you ought to ask yourself as a driver when you are tempted to ignore one of these reasons for car crash.

Many lives have already been lost, due to negligence on the part of car owners. Pedestrians have also become victims of bad decisions from drivers, resulting in road crashes and sometimes untimely deaths.

As a driver, this is a call to decide today to drive safely and responsibly.

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