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AlcoSense Pro: The Award Winning Personal Breathalyser

AlcoSense Create Award Winning Technology – Again

The AlcoSense Pro Fuel Cell Breathalyser is AlcoSense’s best of the best. Designed and created by AlcoSense UK, it won the Red Dot Product Design of the Year award on 2016 alongside the AlcoSense Ultra. But the Pro is ahead of the game, condensing cutting edge technology and design into one super simple personal breathalyser.

The Best of the Bunch

Although AlcoSense have launched some pretty impressive products over the years, the AlcoSense Pro takes the biscuit. It’s almost twice as accurate as its cousin, the AlcoSense Elite. Simply put, it’s the best personal breathalyser available to buy right now. Improvements over previous models make it the most accurate and easy to use product so far.

A 121mm2 Fuel Cell Sensor puts the Pro on par with conventional police sensors. It keeps up with police technology, but simply on a smaller scale. Advanced sensors and Temperature Compression ensure the Pro gets the most accurate reading on each and every blow. Advanced technology developed over three years make the AlcoSense Pro the most accurate personal breathalyser on the market.

Too Many Tipples? No Problem

If you’ve been getting merry (or a bit more), you may experience some difficulty with tricky tasks. AlcoSense have ensured that their top notch product takes the tricky out of things. Using pioneering technology, the Pro is user friendly and super simple to use. BlowCoach™ is a Patent Pending technology from AlcoSense which guides you through how to correctly give a breath sample for analysis. Earlier personal breathalysers can give inaccurate results from dodgy readings where breath isn’t blown for hard or long enough. BlowCoach™ guides you through the process to ensure genuine results every time. If you fail a test, Pro will even use BlowCoach™ to give you advice on how to shoot the breeze (so to speak) just right.

Handy Feature

The AlcoSense Pro is a modern gadget for the modern world. Settings can be adjusted to correspond with laws in different countries, meaning you’ll never be caught off guard. Calibration alerts are few and far between, with tweaks needed just once every 12 months. At the 11 month mark, your device will let you know it’s ready for calibration. You can then send it off to AlcoSense and it will be returned to you withing 5 days.

With the AlcoSense Pro, a personal breathalyser has never been so, well, personal. If you feel like playing it safe and setting a personal limit (half of the legal driving limit, for example), you can that, too. And if you’re over the limit, Pro’s nifty tech will tell you how long you’ll need to wait to be sober enough to get behind the wheel. It’ll remind you when it’s time for a retest, too.

A Product Worth the Payout

AlcoSense Pro is ahead of the rest when it comes to personal breathalysers. With its Patented technologies and award winning advanced systems, you’ll never have to be unsure about your limits again. Retailing at less than £150, it’s well worth the money. You can buy one online from AlcoSense, or at Boots or Halfords stores.

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