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Alfa Romeo Inspires Passion On The Streets

What Passion Drives You?

Alfa Romeo have been on the streets of Newcastle asking passers by this very question. As the whole concept of passion is the promotional fuel behind their latest model, the New Alfa Giulietta, the answers these people gave highlight just how important passion is in our lives. Whether we indeed find it in our cars, or cooking, gardening, songwriting or our friends, passion is the key to feeling great. In fact, research finds that 88% of people in the UK feel happier and healthier with a passion in their life.

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Capturing Giulietta’s Passion on Canvas

Jon Hicks demonstrates his incredible speed artist skills on a painting of the five-door New Alfa Giulietta, capturing the passion of the Alfa Romeo brand in a matter of minutes.

You don’t want to look back and think ‘I didn’t do it’. It doesn’t matter if it’s something that other people consider pedestrian. If you can find the time to pursue your passion, however you do that, then it’s a liberation in life.

– Jon Hicks

New Alfa Romeo Giulietta 4

The distinctive honeycomb front grille – and upcoming Alfa Romeo Giulia inspired lighting – take shape on Hicks’ canvas.

The New Alfa Giulietta’s passion does not stop on the outside. On the inside, the Giulietta boasts upgrades to upholstery, dashboards and door finishes. Alongside the visual improvements, the Giulietta comes with a clever new infotainment system including a smartphone-enabled Uconnect feature, LIVE services such as music streaming and traffic updates as standard.

New Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2

It Makes us Become the Best we can be

The people of Newcastle explain that, “you’ve got to have something to get out of bed for, it makes you feel happy and [in that way] it’s spreading the passion to other people.” This thinking is echoed by Alfa Romeo. Creating this social experiment was a way to cement their philosophy for passion behind the brand.

For Alfa Romeo, a car brand associated with passion, the New Alfa Giulietta embodies our belief that passion truly helps make us the best we can be: our passion to create the best driver’s car that has resulted in the New Alfa Giulietta. This social experiment was a perfect opportunity to share our passion with the hope to inspire people to find and follow their passions.

– Naz Jamil, Marketing Manager for Alfa Romeo UK.

“Make some time for it and go for it”

If you want to buy the car that is fuelling passion around the UK, prices start from £18,450 for the New Alfa Giulietta. But for now, make some time to be inspired. Check out the video below to see more on Alfa Romeo’s social experiment.

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