Bentley Bentayga. Credit Rob Macdonald

Bentley Break the Mold with Two Hill Records

Shelsley Walsh Speed Hill Climb takes a shock to the system from the Bentley Bentayga.

Record-Breaking Bentley 

The Shelsley Walsh Speed Hill Climb opened back in 1905. It’s one of the oldest motorsport events in the world. Now, the famous climb has new legends, and new records, to beat. The 600bhp Bentley Bentayga left crowds astonished with its remarkable performance.

Bentley stormed through the climb to take the overall hill record for an SUV and win their class. The Bentayga trumped the Land Rover Discovery SI6 and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV with a record time of 35.53 seconds.

“The Bentayga really surprised many people over the weekend and has now put a mark in the sand for others to beat.” – Mark Constanduros, Commercial Manager for Shelsley Walsh.

Praise for Parrott 

Vicky Parrott was the driver behind the wheel as the Bentayga powered past the finish line at 99mph. She tackled the famous climb with astounding speed and accuracy to bring Bentley two Hillclimb records. Yes, Bentley won the SUV class with a record time. But there’s more. Back in 1927, Bentley held a ladies hill climb record. 80 years later, Parrott helped Bentley to claim the first ever ladies hill record for an SUV.

Mark Constanduros, Commercial Manager for Shelsley Walsh, stated that “Vicky adapted very well to the hill, having never experienced it and gained huge respect from the other competitors.”

Thanks to Parrott’s prowess and expertise, and the quite frankly stunning Bentayga, Bentley now have two hill climb records to beat.

“I have driven on many circuits but this is my first visit to Shelsley Walsh and what a fabulous place it is, very narrow and daunting but this Bentayga is some serious machine and has enabled me to set a new women’s record, so I am very grateful to Bentley for giving me this opportunity … oh and also for the loan of the special Bentley racing overalls with the name of a certain David Brabham embroidered onto the waist band!” – Vicky Parrott

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