Bentley To Announce Their Future Of Grand Touring

Bentley is a company held in high thoughts around the globe, recognised for their sporty and luxury cars. With the company fast approaching their official 100th birthday, Bentley Motors will reveal their future of grand touring on the 10th of July.

Bentley EXP 100 GT

All the fuss is centred around the Bentley EXP 100 GT, a zero-emissions concept car that Bentley Motors say, “will inspire extraordinary human experiences through a perfect blend of technology and craftsmanship”. The car is also a showcase of Bentleys new sustainability direction, working towards a cleaner planet.

Special Array Of Materials

The EXP 100 GT will feature some special array of materials, imagined and created by the designers at Bentley Motors. Taking hand craftsmanship to a new level.

Bentleys Vision

Bentleys vision is to create perhaps their most intriguing vehicle yet, integrating their already profound luxury with the age of sustainable eco-friendly vehicles. While the roads of the UK are going to need a lot of work before we can realistically sustain so many EV’s, car makers are getting better and better at creating them.

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