Bridgestone Selected By Lamborghini As Tyre supplier For Huracán STO Supercar 

Inspired by the success of its Huracan GT3 race car, Lamborghini decided to introduce a rear-wheel-drive, road-legal version of that car, nicknamed the Huracan STO. Obviously, a street car based on a track car has plenty of performance on offer, but without proper tyres it won’t be able to put its power to the ground or brake effectively.

Huracan STO & Bridgestone Potenza

To that end, Lamborghini has partnered up with Bridgestone, who have custom-developed special tires for the Huracan STO. The tailor-made Potenza tyre will feature sticky compound optimized for performance driving and track usage.

It will maximize the Huracan STO’s superior traction, handling, and control, inspiring confidence in the driver and giving him the ability to push the car without fear of spinning out or losing traction.

Unique Pattern

Bridgestone say the new tyre uses a unique pattern and cavity design, both of which have been developed using the latest state-of-the-art technology. The tyre’s asymmetric tread design gives the car better traction and bite on turn-in, while increasing overall stability throughout each point of the corner.

All of that combined, along with the new tread compound, means that owners can track their Huracan STO and push it to its absolute limit thanks to a tyre they can trust. Bridgestone says that because of COVID-19, they’ve had to use all of their virtual tyre development know-how to engineer and design this new Potenza compound.

The Huracan STO will make its debut sometime in 2021, at which point we’ll also get to check out Bridgestone’s latest Potenza.

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