Car Park Gold – Lamborghini Aventador

Signing on for marshalling at Silverstone for the F4 yesterday morning I spotted this jaw dropping Lamborghini Aventador. I can’t wait until I get my chance in the driving seat of one of these!

Any petrol-head simply can’t walk past a new Lamborghini without getting at least slightly excited; and it’s even harder to resist taking a quick photo or two with your smart phone.

So here are some pictures of some lucky buggers Aventador. It was still ticking and banging; cooling down as I took the pictures. Take a look at our Lamborghini wallpaper to update your desktop.



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  • Spencer Says

    This is one of the much-awaited lineup of the Lamborghini. I really love the Lambo for coming up with different characteristic on their cars, even if they have the same look.

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