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Citroen are going to the beach – C4 Cactus Convertible

Citroen are bringing back the Beach Buggy with the C4 Cactus Convertible

The Citroen C4 Cactus has taken the world by storm recently, despite my dislike of it. It somehow managed to win over the public with its weird lumpy crash panels designed to prevent damage in car park scrapes. I think however this makes the car ugly and ruins the smooth line that every other car has today. However I give credit to Citroen to have the balls to follow through with it, most cars look completely different to the concepts they were based on. But not the Cactus, and now Citroen are going to build on the success of the Cactus with a convertible version to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Return of the Mehari

The Cactus convertible is said to have got its inspiration from the 2CV-based Mehari last seen in 1988, but the Mehari was a much more off-road beach buggy styled car. But what Citroen don’t realise is the reason the Cactus was successful was because it was designed for the city not the beach. 90% of us don’t live on, by or even near a beach, so why would we want a beach buggy?

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Is it a Mistake?

The original beach buggies were based on Beetles and 2CVs because they were cheap to buy and cheap to modify. They also worked because of the free and easy times of the 60s and 70s. Now we are much more business orientated, we are London or New York, not Blackpool or Miami, and more importantly we are BMW or Mercedes, not Citroen or VW.

The Cactus convertible/Mehari is to be shown off at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, and I think it’ll flop, but I could be wrong again, it could be the next mini.

I doubt it.

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