Driving Attitudes That Anger Motorists

As petrolheads, we all love driving. Driving is something that we enjoy consciously or subconsciously, and you can never wait to bring that car out for a drive.

But, let’s all admit it. While we love a good bit of road, the majority of the time we spend on the road is actually spiteful. We don’t like having to deal with other drivers most of the time, and we especially don’t like the unreasonable behaviours that some fellow road users exude.

Looking at the Figures

Most of the time, people just deal with it and let it slide. Maybe they’ll curse and swear in their car, but no real trouble. Sometimes though, those attitudes are dangerous, and borderline lethal.

You might think that attempting an illegal U-turn will save you time, but what you don’t know is that you can lose your life in an instant. After doing my fair share of research on the survey conducted by the folks over at yourparkingspace, I’ve compiled my findings.


This is probably the number one way to really annoy other motorists. Being ignorant and careless of your surrounding while you’re driving is a common error in drivers of all age.

Usually, from their driving habits, you can tell whether if one is too lax. If they don’t make use of the turn signal, a wonderful invention that drove down accident rates like no other, chances are they are unaware of their surroundings.

You must have seen those kind of people in your life. They cut into your lane without indicating, they drive way below the speed limit and cause a massive traffic jam, etc. Everyone gets anxious of these people, because you don’t know what they will do next.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to have peripheral vision, pay attention to your mirrors. You have at least 3 of them, and they are there to make driving easier. Everytime you want to do something, check the mirrors. For good measure, turn your head around and look, this’ll eliminate blind spots that your mirrors can’t spot.

If you want to overtake, look to the front carefully, have you got space? Is it safe to attempt an overtake? Think it through. Saving a few minutes isn’t worth endangering lives.

It’s all taught in the book, yet a staggering amount of people can’t quite grasp it.


You know them, they don’t particularly care about other road users. They believe they’re the only drivers on the road. In fact, most of the time, they do things that’ll get them in hot water.

Another way to put it would be inconsiderate. Commonly, they do the things that they do for their own convenience. For example, they stop in box junctions, or even worse, cut from another lane into the empty space in a box junction, all to get a bit closer to their destination.

The way they park is a good indication as well. It’s fine if you misjudged and parked a bit over the lines, it’s fine if you’re just stopping for a quick errand. What is not fine though is taking up two entire parking spaces or parking behind someone else’s car for a few hours.


This is an important one too. Some people just believe things will work out the way they think it will. Other than irritating other drivers on the road, they even worry their own passengers.

When you’re driving someone, chances are that person trusts you and your driving. Picking up that phone means that your phone call is more important than them.

Save it for later. Use hands free if you have to, or even better, just have your passengers pick it up for you. Simple.


Irresponsibility is a big problem. Some drivers, especially younger ones, drive on the road without much, if any, experience at all. While most road users can deal with minor caveats, some problems are trivial and critical.

A good example would be indicating the wrong way. On roads with only one possible turn, it might not be that big an issue. In an intersection though, it is dangerous.

Stay off the road when you’re inexperienced. If you have to, make sure a senior is with you at all times. Learning in a parking lot is a good way to start, and you should know the bare necessities before attempting to get on the road.


I’m sure that there are a lot of other causes out there. But those are the few that are really commonplace. A simple change of attitude and courtesy can go a long way to avoid getting involved in a fight, and will save you time in the long run.

Everyone must have some sort of idea as to what really ticks them off on the road, what about you? Chime in with your comment down below.

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