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Euro NCAP Awards Top Marks to New Audi Q5

Euro NCAP has awarded a five-star rating to the new Audi Q5, making it one of the safest cars of its type. It is the top safety rating given be Euro NCAP, the European New Car Assessment Programme.

Euro NCAP System Held in High Esteem

Euro NCAP is a voluntary system, conducting safety testing on new cars since 1997. Vehicle manufacturers have come to set great store by the system and it has undoubtedly encouraged increased safety standards. The system is also held in high regard by consumers and can directly impact the sales of new cars.

Euro NCAP considers cars within 150kg of each other as comparable. Despite losing 90kg in weight, the Q5 still performed well in crash safety. The car performed well all round. It scored points in occupant protection, child safety and pedestrian protection.

Driver Assistance System Leads the Way

Among the features beneficial to the Q5’s high safety standards is the driving assistance system.

Attention assist monitors driver’s behaviour. If there are any indications the driver is losing concentration then the system will send a warning.

Using a camera in the windshield, Audi pre sense city monitors the road when travelling up to 52.8 mph. If it considers a collision to be impending up to 100 metres ahead, the driver will be notified and the system may initiate the brakes. The system senses both vehicles and pedestrians.

Automatic steering is possible as part of traffic jam assist. Radar and ultrasound sensors, as well as the front camera, enable the car to be guided at slow speeds.

Adaptive cruise control (part of the optional Tour assist package) will keep the Q5 at a specific distance from the car in front. With an automatic transmission, the system will even bring the car to a complete stop if necessary.

New Audi Q5, which has been given top marks by Euro NCAP

Comparing in the Category

Another car to be given a five-star rating in the Euro NCAP Large Off-Road category is the Land Rover Discovery. It should be pointed out that technically, they are not comparable according to Euro NCAP’s 150kg rule. The Discovery weighs 2390 kg compared to the Q5’s 1805 kg. However, it does no harm to look at a few of the main stats provided.

The Q5 has 93% for adult occupant safety and the Discovery 90%.

For child occupant safety, 86% to the Q5 and 80% to the Discovery.

Pedestrian safety was 73% for the Q5 and 75% for the Discovery.

Finally, the safety assist features of each car meant 58% for the Q5, whilst the Discovery claws back with a respectable 73%.

This is all fairly impressive, though it is apparent there is room for improvement, especially for the Q5’s safety assist. The score would undoubtedly increase if more of these systems came on the car as standard as there are several only available as extras. Considering the range of options already possible under the driving assistance system, it will be exciting to see what boundaries Audi pushes next.

New Audi Q5, which has been given top marks by Euro NCAP

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