Exciting Details Of Brand New Nissan GT-R Model

The new Nissan GT-R Sprints From 0-100 in Less Than 6 Seconds

Litchfield Motors, one of the most respected car experts in the world, is preparing an awesome version of the new Nissan GT-R. The car appeared at the 2017 Autosport show in Birmingham on January 12th, as the LM20. They’ve included the number 20 because LM is celebrating 20 years. And Litchfield Motors promises to make the greatest road-going GT-R ever. However, LM plans to build only 20 exemplars, making this GT-R incredibly rare. The all-new 2017 Nissan GT-R Black Edition will be the ‘canvas’ for LM’s engineering team. Plus they already have the benefits of Nissan’s latest technology on board.

New Nissan GT-R

How Fast Does the Ferrari Smasher go?

The ultimate goal is to make the Japanese sport model give everything it has performance-wise. For this reason, the GT-R LM20’s V6 delivers 675 hp, and 677 Nm of torque at 2,100 rpm, spreading to 833 Nm from 2,500 to 5,100 rpm.  This powertrain makes the new Nissan GT-R sprint to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. And from 0-100 in 5.7 seconds before reaching a speed limit of 200+ mph. That is just amazing. All this power is unleashed, on demand, by a simple hit on the throttle. Just to compare, the McLaren 675LT has the same horsepower and is lighter. But the GT-R has an extra 135 Nm of torque, and is all-wheel drive.

New Nissan GT-R

The Best of LM’s Engineering at the Tips of Your Fingers

Everything is controlled by a battery of ECU calibrations that ultimately increase engine, fuel economy and efficiency. The LM20 owners will be able to benefit from the Litchfield’s stability control strategy and advanced traction control feature to offer great track and cross country dynamics. Not to mention that the driver has the option to set power levels and fuel octanes through an iOS device or the steering wheel.

New Nissan GT-R

Equally important is that the overhauled chassis brings dynamic stability and improves the driving experience. Also, Litchfield installed its Bilstein Damptronic suspension, along with Eibach springs and anti-roll bar. Just as much as a performance car needs speed, it also needs to brake well. For that reason, Litchfield added the 400 Nm Alcon front and rear discs on the Ray Track Edition wheels, wrapped in both dry and wet weather performance Michelin tyres.

New Nissan GT-R

It Does Look Great Also

The guys at Litchfield treated the LM20’s appearance just as well as it did with the chassis and drivetrain. As a result, the current F1 supplier put carbon fibre on the front lip spoiler, the grille blade and on some parts of the rear bumper. Not only it does look great, it generates downforce, and improves the airflow along the sides of the GT-R and around the front wheels. The front grille end looks more menacing, and the rear bumper vents make sure to remove pressure and heat. Additionally, the rear spoiler extension sculpts the air as it goes over the back of the GT-R.

Last but not least, Litchfield Motors created a 3 year warranty and breakdown cover plan. The official GT-R Owner’s Club Trackdays are covered as well. In the meantime, you will have free servicing for three years. And to sum up, you can bring home your Nissan GT R LM20 for £96,995.

New Nissan GT-R

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