The Fastest GT-R in the world – 1700BHP!

Here we have footage from Moscow Unlimited Standing Mile event last week. The GT-R named the Goliath project now owns the title of being the fastest GR-R in the world. The impressively modified street legal car will do 250mph!


The build began last year and it was tested and tested and tested on the dyno, then delivered to the client in Russia. On its first ever run on a track, in the damp, with a slipping clutch it was seen doing 225mph over one mile in just 22.7 seconds. This thing is a beast.

That was a good start

Tym Switzer

On the record breaking day the car did four runs all over 245mph each time and then it cracked the 250mph. Tym however is still looking for perfection and thinks the car could do more with a better clutch. Back to the garage it goes.

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