The Fiat 500 – Is it Worth the Hype?

Is it just us, or is it a novelty to look in your rear-view mirror and not see a Fiat 500 of some kind? Popular amongst new drivers, fashion-conscious hipsters, boy racers and speed freaks alike, it seems there really is a Fiat 500 for every type of driver. According to, in 2007 1,064 Fiat 500s were registered to drive on the UK’s roads. This year to date, there are over 221,00. But is this amazing popularity justified, or is it a case of style over substance?

From Nuova to Abarth 

We are all well versed in the plus points of Fiat 500s. If you’re not, here’s a quick recap: good safety rating, cheap tax, funky interior, inherent retro value. And it is quite difficult not to be won over by the Fiat’s looks, especially when you can customise it to your own tastes. Hell, even Jay Leno has got one. The car’s universal appeal is something that we find quite fascinating, not since the Mini Cooper has a car been so broadly worshipped. So is there anything bad about this cute microcar?

Well, it’s hardly the most original of choices as the figures suggest. And it is basically a trendy Fiat Panda. The boot is pretty small, you don’t get much for your buck on the basic models and it’s hideously noisy at high speeds. And what kind of car only offers air conditioning as standard on convertible models? But does any of this actually matter or lessen it’s appeal at all? Annoyingly, it really doesn’t. It’s really hard not to love the Fiat 500, such is the essence of fun and zippy-ness that pervades it. You can’t help but roll your eyes when you see yet another one, but we bet you smile too. It’s a car that’s attractive and great fun to drive. And isn’t that what driving is about?

 We give up 

We’ve struggled to hate the Fiat 500, but perhaps you’ve managed to find something about it that really ticks you off. Or maybe you’re a card-carrying member of the “We love Fiat 500” club. Either way, we’d love to know what you think, so let us know in the comments.


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