Gnarl And Snarl Of The Ferrari 488 GTB

Often with cat-like descriptions, the Ferrari seldom lets us down with that distinctive cachinnate sound. Drivers love this: slightly holding back when in a little traffic to get a good stretch of road to accelerate on. The Ferrari 488 GTB (Gran Turismo Berlinetta) will continue to make pedestrians look twice.

Ferrari 488 GTB – Future Of The 8 Cylinder

0-62mph in 3.0 seconds flat and at 8,000rpm a maximum 670cv of power, this 8 Cylinder, drivers continue high expectations of the Ferrari vehicular vigour.

Ferrari eng

Track Car?

Comparable to a track car, the GTB 488 0.06 second response offers full control. This is enhanced by the variable torque of the progressive gearbox which also resembles that of a track car.

Cornering is controlled with the SSC2 slide slip control system combined with ESP evolution for low-grip conditions.

Exterior aesthetics include the standard air intake scallop and a double front spoiler keeping with the track-like Formula One one-seater theme. To the rear the sporty blown spoiler does its aerodynamics job.

Red? To be precise: Rosso Corsa Metallizatto. On the inside, the sporty elegance is as standard including the multifunctional steering wheel.

Test Drive

For CNBC, Robert Frank describes his journey through the gears:

As soon as you press the start button (there is no ignition key to turn), the 488 rumbles to life with a satisfying growl and roar. When you power out of a stoplight, kicking through the gears in rapid-fire succession, the engine sound behind your head is unmistakable Ferrari. There is also none of the dreaded “turbo lag” that you get with other turbo-powered sports cars.

Robert Frank continues his speedy progression and compares the 488’s elegance to James Bond:

In the driver’s seat, the 488 feels comforting and intuitive. Unlike some Ferraris of the past, anyone can get in the 488 and drive to the store with just a 30-second primer. The paddle shifters, dials, turn signals, window controls, radio dials and suspension settings are all right where you would expect them to be and easy to use.

But when you punch the accelerator, this easy-going cruiser instantly becomes a race car. Speed comes easily in the 488 — too easily, I discovered, when coming around a corner to find a vigilant patrol car (I was still within the speed limit … barely).

It’s like a tuxedoed James Bond who transforms into a human weapon with the flash of a villain’s gun. The beauty and beast coexist as one seamless machine rather than battling opposites. It’s your daily driver to get groceries during the week and the racetrack ringer on the weekends.

Ferrari int

Certainly there is a track-like correlation to the Ferrari 488 GTB continuing the gnarl and snarl of the distinctive Ferrari sound.

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