HONOR Powers Electric Quadbike Using Laptop Batteries

We live in an amazing era where it is possible to carry around devices with more computing power than was available to the whole of NASA when they sent mankind to the moon. However, one drawback that has constantly held back these portable devices has been the batteries powering them. We all have been in that situation where we wished that our laptops could last longer on a single charge.

Battery technology had taken a backseat while other things like speed and memory capacity took precedence when it came to improving laptops.

Things have changed though over the last few years and battery technology has come a long way. HONOR is a relatively new name in the world of laptops which means that they have to do something extraordinary to be able to capture a share of the lucrative laptop market. They might have done just that with a cool stunt to demonstrate the prowess of the batteries powering their HONOR MagicBook 14 line of mobile devices.

What this demonstration was all about

Almost every laptop and mobile device manufacturer advertises the battery life of their devices in terms of the number of hours you can use it for. HONOR went for a more novel approach and decided to string together a few MagicBook 14 devices and use their batteries to charge an electric quadbike.

The technical details involved

Five MagicBook 14 devices were connected together to a circuit that would be able to transfer power from the devices to the quadbike’s charger. This circuit had to collect the power from the batteries of the devices, change its voltage to 70 volts D.C. and supply it to the quadbike’s charger in a steady manner. This contraption was left connected for an hour during which time 180 Wh of energy was supplied to the quadbike’s charger. This was enough to power the quadbike for 5 kilometres.

Is it a game-changer?

While the exact methodology used during this stunt won’t be of much practical use, except perhaps on a survival TV show where the protagonists would need to charge a quadbike using nothing but batteries, it does make for an eye-catching marketing campaign. So, does it make any sense for real-world applications?

HONOR claims that the batteries in the MagicBook 14 devices can last up to 10 hours. This stunt proves that the batteries can really last that long provided you do not use these devices for power-intensive activities like gaming. For most other tasks, you can get an entire day’s work done on these devices on a single charge. While there are other devices that offer similar battery life, few do it at this price and even fewer use such an ingenious marketing approach.

In Conclusion

Battery technology still has a long way to go but as long as brands like HONOR keep pushing the boundaries, we will get there sooner than later. Dr. James Brighton, the Design Engineer at HONOR summed it all up nicely by saying

“At HONOR, we are committed to designing powerful, long-lasting products that meet the demands of today’s tech savvy digital natives,”

The HONOR MagicBook 14 series of devices offer great practicality and the specs alone warrant consideration from those looking to buy a new laptop. This stunt is just an added bonus to get us excited about something as mundane as batteries.

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