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A Huracan Hits Goodwood

A Huracan Hits Goodwood

With the eyes of the automotive world on Goodwood this weekend, the supercar manufacturers brought out their big guns with the 918, P1, LaFerrari and the One:1 all in attendance. However, Lamborghini seemed to play it cool by not throwing in something crazy but letting their new Huracan do the talking, a boy did it speak volumes!

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I, like many, said a fond farewell to the gorgeous Gallardo but after seeing Lambo’s new baby in the flesh, it’s a big hello Huracan! What a beautiful looking car it is. Possibly more reserved and understated than what we know Lamborghini are capable of, the Huracan’s proportions are more super-model than super-crazy. In matte black, it looked menacing yet strangely beautiful, until that 5.2 litre V10 decides to growl and let you know it means business!

Huracan (6) Huracan (5)Huracan (10)Huracan (9)

Spyder stomper!

As a die-hard Ferrari fan, I didn’t think much could top the 458 Spyder for the perfect balance between performance and looks but it seems there may be a few rivals in 2014. The McLaren 650s is certainly a strong contender but I must admit, the Huracan will certainly have Ferrari looking over it’s shoulder. At £180.00 for the entry level model, it’s certainly not cheap but it does deliver big on performance, topping out at over 200mph!

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Watching the Huracan on the track, it looks like it begs to be driven. Sharing many components with the new Audi R8, it looks just as eager as it’s VW cousin to be thrown into corners and demands that you bury the accelerator on the way out… Or at least that’s what I imagine. Until Lamborghini lend us one, we can only imagine what the beast is like to drive so come on Lambo, you know where we are!

Words & Photos by Ross Jukes

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