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Infiniti: Where Your Formula One Dreams Come to Life

Stop for one second. Now, imagine your childhood dream. Firstly, allow those memories of bleak, cloudy Sunday afternoons spent sat in the armchair to rise again. Pretty boring, right? Now think about your heroes: Brabham, Fangio, Stewart, Prost, Lauda, Schumacher and Hamilton and the screams of the cars as they flew past. Do you remember wanting to be them? How badly did you want to be the one speeding around the tracks, savouring that adrenaline thrill?

Well, thanks to Infiniti, now you can! In October 2017, Infiniti will give enthusiasts the once in a lifetime chance to test drive a genuine  Renault Sport Formula One car! Five lucky winners will be selected by the premium car manufacturer within the Renault-Nissan Alliance,  who are also the Technical Partner to the Renault Sport Formula One team.  This will pave the way for the public to  experience high-performance hybrid technology with a brand which can transform our world straight to theirs.

Infiniti and Renault Sport

Infiniti works with the Renault Sport Formula One team; focusing on the improvement of the vehicle’s hybrid technology – especially the ERS (Energy Recovery System). This is one of the most sophisticated bits of technology in modern motorsport. It works by harvesting heat energy from places such as the exhaust and the brakes, then reusing it in a beneficial manner. Much better than letting that energy go to waste!

Gone are the 3 litre V10s of 2005, and the 750 bhp per litre monsters of the 70s. In their places lie a complicated system with a simple concept: efficiency. Although you may argue that this is little less exciting, if a good ERS system is combined with the up-to-date 600 bhp engine, it can increase the total performance output to 125% what it would be if the cylinders acted alone. We think that is rather impressive and you will too.

The Competition

So that is where Infiniti fit in. Before culminating in the Ultimate Test Drive competition, the competitors will have the opportunity to attend several Formula One-related events These include: technical centre visits to watch race days via video link and visits to the team’s engine factory in France. Essentially, you get first-hand experience witnessing some impressive technology in action.

The winners of the Ultimate Test Drive competition itself will complete their life ambitions at Circuit Paul Ricard in France. This even includes flights, accommodation, exclusive Formula One driving sessions, a passenger ride in an official Renault Sport Formula One car as well as a debrief and data analysis with the Renault Sport team engineers. What could be better?

If you live in either the UK, Italy, France, Germany or Switzerland, you’re in luck! Participants simply have to register on to secure their chance to win.

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