How to Kill a Koenigsegg!

Warning! This is distressing viewing supercar fans! I’ve always loved a good car chase and with the exception of a few tear-inducing Aston Martin’s getting truly written off by James Bond, I’m quite partial to some (literal) ‘car-crash’ viewing! I’m obviously referring to the stuff of movies, I’m really not interested in watching real-life accidents which to be honest, just upset me. To be honest though, when I first saw the screen shot of a real-life Koenigsegg getting wiped out for the up and coming ‘Need for Speed’ film, I felt that sick feeling in my throat!

However, after watching this video I can say with confidence that I am so glad they did. In a world of CGI blurring the boundaries of reality, it’s great to see an actual stuntman coordinating an actual real life stunt. However, I’m happy for them to CGI the P1 getting obliterated, those babies need keeping in captivity and never leaving their cosy-cotton-wool filled garages! The only thing left to see is if the film itself is a bit of a ‘car-wreck’…


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