Rare Lamborghini Veneno Coupe Arrives In London

Lamborghini’s have always been striking, it’s little wonder that various cars from the Italian marque have festooned the walls of bedrooms throughout the years. Not many come quite as striking as the model that H.R. Owen took delivery at its London showroom, the Lamborghini Veneno coupe.

Lamborghini Veneno – London Calling

The model to arrive in the English capital was the manic looking Lamborghini Veneno Coupe which arrives in the UK for the very first time and is one of just four models built, making it very, very rare indeed. Now, this will not be for sale, although even if it were, not many would be able to afford it. £3.6million would have been the asking price when the car first hit the scene in 2013 and I can only see it going up.

In fact, I can provide evidence for this – a broker listed his Veneno for sale earlier this year, for a grand sum of £8.8million. 8.8million! To put that in to some kind of context, that’s enough to afford about 45 Lamborghini Huracans. Yes, 45. That is not a typo.

Feel The Power

Because this car is so rare the chances are you’d be too afraid to drive it which is a shame as it has some rather juicy power under its angled bodywork. Laying underneath is 6.5 V12 used in the Aventador which has been tuned to throw out a whopping 740bhp. 0-62 comes in under 3.0 seconds and the car will roar to a top speed of 220mph, although it will take a brave soul to do so.

It doesn’t take a brave soul to go and gawp at it though, and if you fancy doing that then you can, as the car is available to view between now and the 6th of January. Head to H.R. Owen for more details. Right, time to clear my diary…

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