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Limited Edition Ford Fiesta ST200 – Should You Buy One?

Ford Fiesta ST

When the Ford Fiesta ST was first released, it was simply a performance version of the Model 6 (third generation) Fiesta, hoping to take memories back to the success of the XR2. The latest, limited edition version of the ST is now available: the ST200.

What is it?

Well, the ST is usually available in three models, creatively named ST-1, ST-2 and ST-3. The ST200 will only be a limited edition car, and sales are expected to take off quickly. Rolling up to work in any ST model will work miracles for anyone’s street cred. But the ST200 has a specially modified engine, meaning it can deliver up to 215 PS with the Overboost.

Matte black alloy wheels, a unique storm grey colour and interior, and ST200 badges will distinguish it from its ST little brother. The body features a rear spoiler and a chrome dual exhaust pipe. A pleasant cabin with intricate wheel feedback, combined with increased acceleration between gears, lead to an extremely comfortable, yet enjoyable, ride.


The standard 200 PS EcoBoost can accelerate the car from naught to 60 mph in an extremely respectable 6.7 seconds, for a car which will have a starting price of £22,895. The 1.6 litre engine can produce a maximum of 290 Nm of torque, or 320 Nm with the Overboost. In terms of emissions, the 140 g/km CO2 output are likely to put it in the tax band E. So it’s not ridiculous to tax (but not massively cheap, either).

A combined mpg of 46.3 also makes it friendly to the bank account of the said owner, but retaining the enjoyable drive – with a maximum speed of 142 mph.

ST200 – Should You Buy One?

I certainly think so!

This car would be suited to anybody looking for a quicker, yet comfortable car, on a lower budget. The driving experience is set to be a pretty good standard. So if you’re thinking about an ST, it’s certainly worth having a proper look around for this.

Photography by: Ross Jukes and Harry Roberts

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