LSH Auto Supports Birmingham City University Students

I am glad to say that students at Birmingham City University have been designing the Mercedes-Benz showroom of the future.

Following a competition launched by LHS Auto (part of the world’s largest Mercedes-Benz dealership) and the Birmingham School of Architecture and Design, these talented students are shining in the automotive limelight.

The Winning Entry

Just have a look at the winning design here. It provides futuristic visualisations, a 360‑degree tour, an app (very important these days) as well as a digital flick book.

A digital flick book? Cough. Don’t you know what it is? No? Shrug. I don’t either. But it sounds good, doesn’t it? And very futuristic.

But isn’t a Car Showroom just a Showroom?

Are you joking? Wake up! Dealerships these days are all about the sales experience. Selling starts the moment you walk through the door. If the dealership building is impressive, the cars will be impressive. And you’ll want to buy one. Don’t tell me you’re not that easily sold. Because I know I am. We all are.

Meet 4A studios

So who are these bright young designers? Meet Luke Reynolds, Gergana Ivanova, Wictoria Glowczewska and Pooja Halai who have called their team 4A studios. Speaking after the competition, Luke Reynolds said “The Competition gave us a real slice of what it’s like to work with live clients and although it gave us some challenges, it was the most rewarding experience. It’s helped me to recognise what I offer as part of a design group and has helped to solidify the direction I want to take in my career after my degree.”

The Support Team

4A studios were supported by 24twelve and Ten Design – experts in project and construction management and the Mercedes-Benz brand. At a virtual launch, these expert partners gave students CAD material, a briefing presentation as well as further support and advice.

Director of 24twelve, Gareth Hill said, “All the submissions were of a very high standard. The assessment team were genuinely surprised by the quality and the material that had been developed in such a short space of time.”

What’s Next?

Let’s hope that other dealers follow LSH Auto’s initiative. Not only is it good news for the automotive sector but it shows that old student stereotypes are just that. At least as far as these bright young minds are concerned.

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