570S Spider at Muriwai House

New Colour Initially Available on The McLaren 570S Spider

Debuts On The 570S

McClaren Special Operations (MSO) has created a new colour initially available on the 570S Spider. Bruce McClarens daughter Amanda worked with the MSO team to develop the colour.

Important to the McClaren Family

Muriwai is a name which is important to the McClaren family. West of Auckland in New Zealand lies the town of Muriwai where Bruce McClaren won his first motor race at 15 years old. He also used the name for his family home in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. The inspiration for the colour comes from the whitewashed walls, deep blue doors and shutters of the McLaren home.

The colour is available on the entry-level 570S, but you can order the colour on any McClaren road car. MSO has many customisation options which also include material upgrades and bespoke commissions. Customers can order their cars from MSO to create a completely unique product for a price.

Part of McClaren family History

The house was built by Bruce and Patty McClaren after they moved to England from New Zealand for a racing scholarship. Once Bruce McClaren racing was established and Amanda was born they moved into their dream home in 1967.

Amanda says “Muriwai was a place of pride for Bruce and comfort to Patty years after my father’s premature death in 1970 at the age of 32. I’m sure my parents would have loved this ‘Muriwai’ colour, and they would be so proud of the 570S Spider and the other McLaren road cars, as that is where my father saw the future of the company,”

To accompany your new Muriwai 570S you can also buy the house in Walton-on-Thames. The house is currently listed with Curchods estate agency for £2.1 million.

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