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McLaren’s Second-Gen Super Series Set To Stun

The new 720s is shaping up to be the perfect all-rounder for “outstanding driver performance”.

McLaren’s second-generation Super Series is due to be officially revealed in just under a fortnight at the Geneva International Motor Show, but information has already been released suggesting that the new model will be set a cut above its predecessors. McLaren’s Automotive Chief Test Driver, Chris Goodwin, stated that the new series handled phenomenally in the “over the limit driving” it was put through on McLaren’s dynamic test track. The supercar has been so rigorously tested and masterfully engineered that it could easily handle any challenges the test track threw at it.

Second-Gen Series, First-Class Performance

McLaren’s latest model excels in performance, even by supercar standards. It can reach 124mph in an impressive 7.8 seconds, and brake to a standstill in just 4.6 seconds. The driving dynamics have been tightened up from previous models, and the improved handling and suspension leave almost nothing to be desired; a recent video of Goodwin’s test drive demonstrates how remarkably the new Super Series masters the track.

To complement its cutting edge performance, the latest McLaren model also sports powerful V8 engine, which boasts an immersive theatrical soundtrack. Combined with its gorgeous new design and expert aerodynamics, the second-generation Super Series is sure to make any supercar enthusiast swoon at first sight.

Power and Practicality

The 720s is certainly impressive on the track, but it doesn’t just perform well at the top speeds it was designed for. Goodwin claims that the Super Series will “excel in everyday driving”, and is currently “the most complete supercar across the full range of use”. According to Goodwin, the driving experience has been honed through meticulous testing, and while the superior engineering allows the McLaren to be fully enjoyed on the track, it is also strikingly apparent even when driving at a slower, everyday speed. The improved performance over previous models is sure to please fans of the McLaren series, but its capability to achieve the everyday makes it appealing to an even wider audience.

The showcasing of the second-generation Super Series on the 7th March will reveal whether it will live up to its promising expectations, and join McLaren’s extensive hall of legendary supercars.

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