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The Model Y And The Incredible Power Of Tesla

Tesla Teased The Future Model Y And The Whole World Exploded

When Elon Musk showed the world the Tesla Roadster and Model S many thought that would be it, just a flash in the pan, 15 seconds of fame before disappearing into obscurity. But Tesla has been going from strength to strength. Following the success of the Model S and the later Model X, Tesla have changed the way we look at electric cars. Rather than a pathetic little eco box with a top speed of 10MPH and the structural rigidity of a lunch box, Tesla helped us realise that maybe you could actually use an electric car and not fear for your life or be late to everywhere, maybe you could even drive one everyday.

1 Image And People Are Already Changing The Laws Of The Land

Tesla’s growth has enabled them to look even further into the future, not only have they made electric cars more popular, but they’ve also changed the way we see autonomous cars thanks to their amazing Autopilot system. And now its time for Tesla to change the game again with their new Model Y. Whilst the Y is still only an idea it still hasn’t stopped the worlds press dissecting a teaser image in minute detail. The lacking of wing mirrors has lead people to believe the new car will use a camera system instead, despite current global legislation dictating that cars must have mirrors. The Model Y isn’t going to reach production until 2019 or even 2020, which suggests either the design or the laws will change by then.

A Small Premium Suv Similar To The Evoque

Elon Musk has also confirmed recently that the new Model Y would use the Model 3 (that is currently approaching production) as its base. The Model Y is supposed to be a small premium SUV similar to the Range Rover Evoque or new Audi Q2. The Model Y is said to be the start of Tesla’s plan to take over the motoring landscape, with a new Tesla electric van, pickup truck and a minibus following the Model Y into production during the mid to late 2020’s.

Changing The Game One Car At A Time

Tesla’s plans to take over the world are already well on their way to succeeding, they have changed the way we look at electric cars and autonomous cars, and we already know Musk’s plans for space travel. Maybe we’ll even see a Tesla Lunar Rover in the future. The publics love and craving for Tesla is only growing and with each new snippet of information released Tesla’s popularity grows. Tesla are the Apple of the car world, changing the game one product at a time.

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Sources: InsideEVs

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