The New BMW X2 M Mesh Edition

BMW currently has a whole stable of saloons, convertibles and SUVs. They are sometimes hard to distinguish but the new BMW X2 M Mesh Edition is a breed apart. So what is there to interest the potential buyer?

The Exterior

The X2 M Mesh Edition gives the slightly higher ride we are accustomed to from the lower numbered X models. Not quite a sedan but not quite the full blown mountain-climbing X7 either.

New design features include a high-gloss black kidney grille (inspired by racing cars we’re told) as well as “exclusive” inserts in the bumper trim. Cladding on the side skirts, door and wheel arches in a new Frozen Black-Brown give the impression that the car is floating above its wheels. Wheels comes as 19 inch Bi-colour aerodynamic alloys as standard. But you can opt for the 20 inch wheels if you’re feeling brave.

Is That All?

Definitely not. The new features on the X2 M Mesh Edition go on. And on. And on. Black trim covers the B- and C-pillars and the boot badge and also includes a black chrome exhaust. Enough black trim for you? No? How about high gloss black window and exterior mirror surrounds, mirror base and mirror triangle too?

The Interior

The inside of this Edition is an exciting place to be. It feels closer to a race car than an ordinary street car. The M seats feature an integral headrest (definitely race car territory) in black Dakota leather. An optional panoramic roof can be tilted and opened just like a sunroof. Also adding extra distinction is the projection of the X2 logo from the exterior mirror onto the driver’s road side. Am I the only one who finds this both completely useless and also a really nice touch? It could be from the Batmobile. An M leather steering wheel comes as standard.

Any More?

Yep. That’s the Mesh Edition for you. New LEDs bring the agile race car look to the headlights on your small sporty SUV. Gone are the circular fog lights of old. In their place are sharp angular beams. Cornering lights provide further illumination on the edge of the road. Just so that you don’t go over the edge on those fast corners in poor visibility. Adaptive headlights, available as an optional extra, adjust the lighting to the traffic at hand.

That Must Be It, Surely?

No! Stay right there! You’ve still got to make your mind up over 7 engine options. You can have a choice of 3 diesel, 3 petrol and 1 plug-in hybrid engine. For your drive options you can have either front-wheel or all-wheel drive with a choice of manual or automatic gearboxes depending on the drive system you select.

Are We Finished Yet?

Not quite! The car’s vehicle and navigation systems can be operated either by the iDrive control, the 8.8 inch touchscreen or the voice-control system. Smartphone integration through Apple CarPlay comes as standard while an option to upgrade to BMW Navigation Plus will see your eyes taking in a 10 inch touchscreen and the BMW Head-Up Display on the windscreen.

The Price

All this must cost a fortune, surely? You’d be surprised. The X2 M Mesh Edition is available to order now starting at just £34,510. But hurry because by the time you’ve read through all the features and options again it’ll be Christmas.

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  • Nisha Batel Says

    My favorite car is also BMW. The headlight, seats, engine and exterior looking is amazing.

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