New Generation Renault Megane: The Smartest Of The Pack

The Renault Megane is the company’s Focus/Astra/Golf competitor. This is the 4th generation model as the Megane first appeared in 1995, replacing the 19.

Take a Look at the Outside

The previous Megane was a rather forgettable looking car, with only the highly acclaimed sporty versions achieving any distinctiveness. The Megane II “shakin’ yer ass” was a far more bold and eye-catching car. This current version may just be the best yet; it looks classy and well sculptured (as in the Captur). The front and rear lights are distinctive, with the front pinching a bit of Citroen with the metal divide. It may be the best looking car in its class – something no Megane (or even 19) has ever achieved before. There’s also a hint of Mercedes A-class about the rear windows that kick up towards the C-pillars. The estate will go on sale later this year. For the first time, there is currently no 3dr version – although one assumes any possible RenaultSport versions will be.

Take a Look at the Inside

Inside, there is a strong hint of Volvo XC90 about the centre console, and the large flat 8.7 inch touchscreen is obviously inspired by Tesla. The screen must be the largest offered in its class – and beyond. The boot is a healthy size and is larger than the Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra, SEAT Leon and the Volkswagen Golf. The top-spec GT has a colour head-up display – a first in this sector.

Tech Details

Renault’s existing line-up provides the engines. The petrol starts with a 1.2 litre with 130 bhp and the GT with a 1.6 litre, the most powerful in the whole range with 205 bhp and 7-speed dual-clutch automatic only. Similarly, the diesels are in 2 states of tune of 110 bhp and 130 bhp – which means other older rivals have more powerful offerings.


The Megane in general is no ground breaker. There are a few welcome firsts though. However, it does major on looking smarter than its rivals. It almost feels like a larger Captur in its design ethos – and given how successful Renault have been with that, the Megane should be a good seller. Previous Meganes needed the niche RenaultSport models for a image boost, whereas now, the everyday versions have a wanted feel about them too. There are 4 trims levels starting from Expression, Dynamique, Signature and GT. Prices range from £17,800 to £25,500.

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