BMW M3 CS 10

Onboard A BMW M1 Procar At Silverstone

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a petrolhead is that you’re able to employ all five of the senses. Well, maybe four of the five senses, unless you’ve somehow found a way to incorporate taste in your passion for cars.

We use sight to indulge ourselves in the beautiful shapes of some of the best designs in automotive history, smell to enjoy the wondrous scent of burning rubber and petrol, touch to enjoy the fantastic subtleties of various driving-related objects such as steering wheels and gear shifters, and finally, hearing to relish the joyous melodies of motoring.

There are so many cars in existence that emit superb noises, and on that list the BMW M1 Procar surely places highly. And if you ever find the need to discover evidence to back such a truth, do your ears a favour and listen to what a couple of laps at Silverstone behind the wheel of an M1 Procar sounds like.


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