Osram LEDriving Dynamic Mirror Indicators Review

Dynamic sweeping indicators have become commonplace with vehicle manufacturers in recent years. They can be simply described as indicators that flow in the direction of indication instead of having a single flashing light.

However not all new cars and even more older cars do not come with sweeping indicators, so if you want to take on this look then Osram offer a range of Dynamic Indicators that can be fitted in place of your standard units.

Fitting Osram Dynamic Mirror Indicators to Mk7 GTI

Osram offer a kit that will fit our Mk7 GTI project car

Fitting the Indicators is a fairly simple process. It requires a trim tool and a T10 Torx and around 10 minutes per side.

Start with positioning both of your car mirrors in their most downward position using your mirror adjusters inside the car. Use a trim tool to pop the mirror glass off.

Once it is loose you should be able to see the connectors for the heater elements. Remove these too.

Once the mirror glass is off you’ll expose two T10 screws and the tabs that hold the mirror cover on. Remove the mirror cover first by using a trim tool to prize the mirror cover tabs off. Do not bend them too much as they can easily break.

Once they are both free, push the cover away from the mirror and it should come off. Place the cover somewhere safe so the paintwork doesn’t get damaged. Remove the two T10 screws.

Next we need to remove the indicator. Start by disconnecting the wiring and then remove the two T10 screws.

With this loose we can begin the removal of the indicator. The indicator needs to be freed from the black bezel that surrounds the mirror glass. Once free lift the indicator upwards away from the mirror, it might need a bit of a wiggle to free it from the lip of the lower bezel.

With the old unit out, the new one can now be fitted. Follow the reverse of the removal ensuring the indicator clips into the bezel surround.

Be careful when fitting the mirror cover to ensure the tabs do not break. The screws only need 1nm of torque. Reconnect the heater element connectors and then press the mirror glass in the centre to refit it to the mirror base. Adjust your mirror positions once you’re back in the vehicle.

Repeat for the other side and both of your indicators will be fitted.


The indicators are very high quality and as you can see from the pictures are significantly brighter than the OEM units. They retain the small driver facing indicator too. The sweeping motion is very smooth. These are a great option if you want to some brighter indicators and dynamic sweeping indicators.

Here are some before and after video and pictures.

Standard indicator

Osram dynamic indicator

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