Oyster Carapace Infant i-Size Car Seat Review

When travelling with your infant their welfare is your top priority. The Oyster Carapace Infant i-Size Car Seat will ensure they are safely strapped in. This ultra-lightweight car seat is suitable for newborns to babies up to 12 months. The seat is designed with safety and comfort in mind and features protective cushioning and a well-padded harness and crotch.

Oyster Carapace Infant i-Size Car Seat Testing

We tested it in the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, a mid-sized SUV and it fitted perfectly well. With a width of 36 cm, a height of 44 cm and depth of 69 cm, it does not overhang the seats. Allowing plenty of space for your other passengers.

The Oyster Carapace Infant i-Size Car Seat is highly practical and utilises “Click & Go” technology to link it to the separate Duofix i-Size Car Seat Base. The base is easy to install: you will find two connectors at the back, then you click the adaptor into the car.

Next, you need to slide the connectors, then click to extend the base leg to the floor. You will find a pressure point on the leg and back and two fixed locks.

The infant seat then clicks into position using to bars on the base of the seat which lock into place. Then, when you want to remove the infant from the car, you just click the mechanism to release. This car seat will fit in a variety of pushchairs, so you can quickly swap it between your vehicle and the stroller.

Safety Focused

The Oyster Carapace Infant i-Size Car Seat incorporates a side-impact defence system to protect your baby in the event of a side-on collision. The seat is designed to be rear-facing, as in a head-on collision, if your child is facing forward, then they may experience whiplash, leading to neck damage, as the muscles are not fully developed.

Easy to Use Travel System

The Oyster Carapace Infant i-Size Car Seat clicks into the Duofix i-Size Car Seat Base to form an intuitive easy-to-use baby travel system. It offers maximum protection in the event of a crash and is compliant with European car seat safety regulations. The base is very simple to fit, with a red to green notification to confirm it has been correctly secured. The rebound bar in the leg will prevent excessive movement during an accident. Its adjustable leg maintains stability in the car and can be folded and stored away. To remove the seat, you just depress the buttons either side to set the carry handle in the correct place, then press the release button in the base and you are out and moving. Very easy.


The Oyster Carapace Infant i-Size Car Seat is well-fitting, convenient and easy to use. It comes with a sun canopy, a removable head and body hugger for babies up to three months and a removable, washable cover. Priced at £99 for the seat and £100 for the Duofix i-Size base, it is great value.

Oyster Carapace Infant i-Size Car Seat Pictures

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