Pagani Bring the Power with the Huayra BC

Pagani have unveiled a new hardcore version of the Huayra called the Huayra BC. Named after Benny Caiola, the first person to buy one of Horacio Pagani’s automobiles. The Huayra BC gets more power, less weight and a rather outlandish body kit. Pagani have always been known for their insane cars that try to break the laws of physics, and the Huayra BC is the latest version of insanity they have come up with

What’s new?

Well, what’s new is the increase in power from an already insanely powerful Mercedes AMG 6.0 litre V12. The Huayra BC brings a massive 760BHP to the fight, 30 more than the standard Huayra. That teamed with 738lb ft of torque is sent to the rear wheels through a seven speed gearbox. However, on the final car Mercedes expect to have more than 800BHP and 811lb ft of torque. The Huayra BC also features a new electronic active differential, to make it more manageable in changing road conditions, which Horacio Pagani says provides a, “highly rewarding and dynamic experience that inspires confidence”. With the added benefit of reducing the gearbox and differentials weight by 40% less than the standard Huayra.

Brand new aero doesn’t improve the looks

The Huayra has never been the best looking car, whilst it is fantastic to drive, it’s much nicer to be in rather than look at. The Huayra is full of angles and curves that never seem quite in the right place, certainly a downgrade from the handsome look of the Zonda. The new Huayra BC comes with a completely new aero kit that features a large new rear wing, an overbearing front splitter and Pagani claim it shares no panels with the original Huayra. Pagani also claim the new additions are to maximise aerodynamic efficiency. Whilst the new additions may improve the aerodynamics, they do nothing for the looks of the already iffy Huayra.

Pagani really don’t care about the competition

Whilst Pagani’s competitors are all striving for more environmentally friendly speed, with hybrid powertrains and electrically enhanced engines Pagani say we wont be seeing a Hybrid Huayra anytime soon. Actually Pagani say they plan on bringing the world the lightest globally homologated hyper car ever instead. And whilst the others may have reached incredible figures themselves the Huayra BC is no slouch itself. Whilst Pagani haven’t released figures yet, the BC is expected to reach sub three second 0-62 times and increase the standard Huayra’s top speed of 230MPH as well.

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