Paragon Microfibre Product Review

We tested a selection of detailing products from Paragon Microfibre. We were provided with a wash mitt, a selection of drying towels and some general purpose microfibres.

Why Microfibre?

Microfibre has quickly become the technology of choice for detailers. The pile design of the cloth allows for dirt to rest in the depths of the cloth rather than the upper surface. This makes them safer to use than ordinary cloths as you are not trapping and dragging dirt between the surface you are cleaning and the cloth itself, creating swirls in the paintwork.

Microfibres also absorb a lot more than ordinary cloths meaning you’d need less of them when drying your car or buffing off residual polish or wax for example.

Microfibre Wash Mitt

I used the microfibre wash mitt as part of my usual two bucket method routine of cleaning my car. The car had been pre-washed using snow foam prior to shampooing. At 420gsm the wash mitt absorbs a lot of shampoo providing plenty of ability to wash panels without needing to dip back in to your bucket for more shampoo.

The car was quite soiled in places and the wash mitt made light work of removing the dirt. The dirt stays well put in the deep pile of the mitt but during the rinse in the second bucket it all cleared away quite easily. You can clearly see the water colour changing from dark to clear as the water rinses the mitt.

Microfibre Drying Towels

Paragon Microfibre provided us with a general purpose terry towel, a diamond weave towel and premium heavyweight towel. I tried all three against one another to see how well they perform.

The grey premium heavyweight towel, despite its 40x40cm size made light work of the residual water left after the wash. After testing all three towels, this was the one I used to completely dry the car off. I was able to dry the car with one pass and without the need to wring the towel to remove some water.

The blue general purpose terry towel(450gsm) and yellow diamond weave (500gsm) performed very similarly. I used the towels on the roof which had the most standing water and whilst both absorbed all the water on the roof, the towels were already quite heavy and wet and would probably need to be wrung after a few panels. These may be more ideal for a second pass of drying after using the premium heavyweight towel or for use on glass.

I finished the cleaning process by using the black 300gsm premium general purpose cloths to wipe any residual water from the glass and for use with products. These performed very well for these jobs, but this is pretty much as expected from a microfibre cloth of this calibre.

The Verdict

Whether you’re after a handful or a bulk load of high-quality microfibre products then Paragon Microfibre should definitely be considered as a single source of everything you might need. Their products a very well priced for the high quality of the products. They offer a discount on their products with larger quantities and cloths can be had for as little as 45p. They can not be faulted and rival more expensive brands for performance and quality.

Here are the links to the products tested – Microfibre Shampoo Mitt, Premium Heavy Weight Towel, Premium Terry Towel, Diamond Weave Towel, General Purpose Terry Towels.

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