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Pocket Rocket! (Plus Warp Drive!)

Every one has to love a good WRC special edition, I believe it relates back to the group B days when homologation was rife and the sound of wheezing turbo’s, chattering waste gates and popping exhausts blasting down the ‘b’ roads of  the British countryside.

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Here is Volkswagen’s latest attempt, well strictly speaking its not, it s an evolution of a limited edition to celebrate the success of VW Motorsports venture into the World Rally Championship, a venture that has brought much success. Funnily enough this car holds more in common with the  car that brought the  2013 WRC championship to Wolfsburg by a staggering  145 points.

polo r 2

This Polo R will have 250bhp four wheel drive and  a DSG Gearbox. The Engine will be the VW Ea888 lifted from the current Golf GTI and R. The 250bhp power figures are speculation for the time being , but Seat has used 220bhp and 280bhp variants of the engine in its Leon FR and Cupra respectively.

 polo r 4

The engine is exciting enough in the Golf with a smooth progressive power delivery and almost instantaneous response. And a reassuringly deep hum from the induction,  that combined with the security of four wheel drive and the smaller agile chassis of the Polo makes for a combination that will make the blue oval sit up and consider making the fabled Fiesta RS after all. I’m sure we all want a bit of the Gymkhana Fiesta on our drive way.

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